Oliver wasted no time in embracing his new mantra regarding his life’s purpose. In “Identity,” Oliver and those close to him all established their place in this new complicated world in their work, personal, and after-work lives. Team Arrow is working off the same page, though it’s not without bumps.

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CEO Oliver Queen

Now that Oliver has a day job, time management has become more difficult. He can’t spend his time hanging out at the mansion or lair whenever he wants. Or, don the green leather and hood on a whim. He has a company to run, which meant he needed Team Arrow close by.

Oliver’s position meant that both Diggle and Felicity had to sacrifice in order to maintain their undercover roles on Team Arrow. Diggle deemed himself the “black driver.” And, Felicity was put outside Oliver’s office as his “coffee fetcher.” Only she wanted no part in that.

For the good of the team, both Diggle and Felicity played their roles, though fetching coffee was not gonna happen. Well … until it did. I cheered for her when she refused to serve coffee, but then had to smile when at a pivotal moment she gave him a cup.

The situation may not have been ideal, but it was necessary. Oliver not only needed them by his side in the lair to help protect and save the city, he needed their help at Queen Consolidated. We’ll see how long the arrangement lasts, but it did provide for some funny and touching moments. 

The new close work situation brought some outstanding situations to the forefront as well. Oliver didn’t know that things between Diggle and his sister-in-law sizzled out, since Diggle kept it a secret. Diggle and Oliver didn’t hug, but Team Arrow is definitely becoming close as family.

Taken Down: China White and Bronze Tiger 

With Oliver’s new focus on helping Starling City, he couldn’t sit back and watch much needed medical supplies being stolen on their way to the hospital. Of course, the thieves weren’t just ordinary drug dealers. Arrow and Diggle faced off against China White and the Bronze Tiger. 

The mission was fairly routine and was probably the least interesting part of the episode, but it did include several incredible fight scenes. Arrow continues to have the best confrontations on television. 

The introduction of the Bronze Tiger was slightly underwhelming, but he’s still out there so I’m looking forward to his return at some point. Though, China White was captured and imprisoned. It would be a shame for her to stay there for too long. She’s become the number one criminal rival for Arrow.

The major outcome from Arrow’s decision to go after the medical supply shipment was that he missed the important fundraiser for the city. Oliver Queen was maligned by the mayoral candidate, Sebastian Blood, for missing the important event.

If anyone can overcome that though, it will be Oliver. He’s strong, determined, and has re-energized sense of purpose. He may not get credit for what he did, but he knows he made the correct and best choice for the city.

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Welcome to the Team, Roy … Sorta

Roy has been searching for the Vigilante and has desperately wanted to join the cause. He finally got his wish when Oliver approached him. While the encounter probably didn’t go exactly as Roy would have dreamed, he finally got an in with his idol.

The situation actually worked out well for Roy, since Thea broke up with him over his extracurricular activities. Oliver, as Thea’s brother, didn’t want Roy in harm’s way just like she didn’t. 

It ended up being a win-win situation at least as agreed upon. Roy would provide information to Arrow and that would keep him out of danger. I doubt that will end up sticking though. At least it gave him a sense of purpose, while providing him a way to get back together with Thea.

And, with the introduction of their means of communication, the Red Arrow was conceived and awaits his birth.

Oh, Laurel

Before the destruction of the Glades, Laurel was a supporter of the Hood. She recognized the good in him, even though he was a killer. In the aftermath of Tommy’s death, she lost faith in him.

While I loved the final moment of the episode with Laurel turning on Arrow and capturing him, I have a problem buying into the reasoning behind her turning on him. The only explanation is that she’s in such a state of grief that she’s not thinking clearly.

There was no way that anyone — superhero or human — could have saved Tommy. A piece of rebar plunged through his body. And, if she knew that he was facing off with Malcolm Merlyn on the roof, she should have known he was there attempting to stop the destruction of the Glades.

Perhaps, she only has partial information and is suffering from grief. I’m not sure, but despite my reservation on the reasons for her turn, I love that Laurel as a strong purpose now. She wants to stop Arrow. 

I’m sure Oliver will get out of those dozen plus guns pointed at him, but I have no idea how that’s going to happen. I’m sure it will be an epic play and I hope it will create a tension between the two.

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