Due to the destruction of the Glades, Starling City will be a hot bed of activity for both villains and allies of the former Vigilante. In Arrow season 2, both new and returning characters will be stopping by to cause problems or help clean up the city, including the Black Canary. Check out the first photo that’s been released of Arrow working with her.

I recently visited the set of Arrow in Vancouver and Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg spoke to reporters about the allies and villains that Oliver will face in the upcoming season.

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Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Isabel Rochev “is actually a nemesis of Oliver Queen’s far more than she is a nemesis of the Arrow’s.”
  • Rochev was trying to take over Queen Consolidated which forced Oliver to step up as CEO of the company. 
  • “There’s a lot of banter, and jousting and sparks flying and anger and yelling” between Isabel and Oliver
  • “Just because sparks fly doesn’t mean they are going to get together.”
  • Villains that show up this season show up because of the Vigilante’s absence or from what he did. Oliver will have to face consequences for what he did last season.
  • Oliver doesn’t want to be the Vigilante any more. He wants to be a hero now. “He’s driven by the ghost of Tommy.”
  • Season 1 was a dark journey of crossing names off the list like a hit man. 
  • Oliver “is dismayed to discover that Roy Harper is hell bent on being his ally whether he wants him to be or not.” This will play out over the season. 
  • Oliver went from not liking Roy at all, to seeing that Roy’s good for Thea, to having to keep Roy alive for Thea’s sake. 
  • The Black Canary that we first meet may not be the final iteration of the character. Her journey will take place throughout the full season. 
  • “Who wouldn’t want to see Katie Cassidy in fishnets?”
  • One of Oliver’s most interesting relationships in season 2 is with Sebastian Blood. They are antagonists initially and then form a friendly relationship.
  • “There’s a lot of betrayal amongst people and a lot of things aren’t what they seem. As we know, Oliver sometimes has a blinder to the danger.”

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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(Image courtesy of the CW/Video: Carla Day)

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