The past came back full force on Arrow through flashbacks of “The Undertaking.” Robert may not have been a good father and husband, but he was not an evil man. He had the best intentions when he got involved with the Undertaking. With only a couple episodes left, the group’s devastating plan was revealed, including the main players.

Destroying the Glades

It was previously revealed that Malcolm wanted to level the Glades in retribution for his wife’s death. In the flashback, we found out how that plan originated and more importantly why the plan hadn’t been initiated after five years.

In order to protect the Undertaking group, their action against the Glades had to appear to be a natural disaster. Malcolm found a company that was developing technology to fulfill their plan, Unidac Industries, but they were five years away from completion.

A little too convenient for the story, but okay, it works.

Robert’s Downfall

Robert wasn’t always a bad guy. He wanted to help redevelop the Glades and opened a factory there. A man approached him for money in order to get it open, the man fell and died. That led to Robert searching for redemption through the list and Malcolm.

When Malcolm wanted to escalate the plan to include the destruction of the Glades, Robert refused to help him. Instead he approached Frank and found out that Malcolm had bought up a third of the Glades. Robert was heading to China to meet up with Frank and arrange for funding to buy up the rest of the properties.

Instead, Frank turned on Robert. He worked with Malcolm and arranged for the Queen’s Gambit to blow up at sea. They expected the tragedy to be attributed to bad weather and an “act of God.”

Prior to Robert’s trip, he confided in Moira about Malcolm’s plan to level the Glades. She was shocked to find out about the plan and that the people wouldn’t be evacuated. According to the flashbacks, she wasn’t a part of the Undertaking back then and begged Robert to prevent it from happening.

Though, she told Malcolm that she felt more responsible for her husband’s death than Malcolm. Why is that? And, when did Moira find out the truth about Robert’s death and join the Undertaking?

Recovering Walter

Oliver and Felicity were determined to find Walter. When they found a money transfer on the day of his disappearance, they investigated and Felicity went undercover to get information. After getting caught counting cards, Oliver questioned Mr. Alonzo about Walter’s kidnapping and found out that Walter was dead.

Oliver went home to tell both his mother and sister about Walter’s death. Moira got panicked and immediately went to question Malcolm about breaking his word to keep Walter safe. And, Oliver was there to hear it all.

He was devastated to find out about his mother’s complicity in Walter’s kidnapping, as well as, Malcolm’s involvement. Though, it was the clue that he needed in order to rescue Walter. Felicity traced Malcolm’s call and then Oliver went in as the Hood to recover Walter.

Moira was relieved to have her husband back. Though, it came at a cost, since Malcolm believes Oliver is the Hood. And, Oliver told him that the captors would “get what’s coming to them.”  Has the fight between Green Arrow and the Dark Archer been renewed?

Laurel’s Heart

In the flashback before the Queen’s Gambit set sail, Oliver and Laurel had a nice evening at home with pizza and wine. Laurel pushed Oliver to move in together and that was the impetuous for him to take Sarah with him on the trip. 

Laurel was upset over her break-up with Tommy. She approached Oliver for insight into what was going on with his friend, but he didn’t know. So, she demanded that Tommy tell her why he was pushing her away.

He was blunt and said that she belonged with Oliver. Laurel was shocked to hear that Oliver still loved her. She approached Oliver to talk to Tommy about them. Oliver said that he just wanted her to be happy, but he couldn’t lie. He did still love her. Wow!

Does she still love Oliver too? Or, will she fight to be with Tommy? It’s a complicated situation for sure. Oliver isn’t the man he was before he left on the ship with Sarah. He is honorable and  even though he is a killer now, he’s an honorable man.

Making Up 

“I’m sorry.” Those simple words were all that Oliver had to say in order to get Diggle back on his side. Oliver bared his soul to Diggle when he apologized and then to bring him up to date on what his mother and Malcolm are up to. He needs his friend and partner to save the city. He bluntly said, “I need your help to stop them.”

The Device

After five years and many deaths, the Device to destroy the Glades has arrived in Starling City. Will Oliver be able to prevent Malcolm and the Undertaking from fulfilling their plan? And, can he protect his mother and family while doing it?

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