China White, Cupid and Liza Warner have all been around on Arrow for varying degrees of time. No matter how long each of these evil ladies have been on the show, they’ve remained rather dull or even worst, cringe-worthy. This is especially true with Cupid who has been involved in some of the worst episodes of Arrow. “Draw Back Your Bow” and “Broken Hearts” being two of the more irritating offenders. In “The Sin-Eater” Arrow finds a way to make all these ladies work and that’s by teaming them up. It turns out the simplest way to “fix” some narrowly drawn villains is to have them all be grouped together so their limitations become much less noticeable and way more entertaining.

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Star City Sirens 

Warner, Cupid and China White break out of a prison in a manner that is way too easy and immediately start doing the best thing a villain can; causing mayhem. Warner due to her history with Quentin and the fact that she is maybe the least cartoony of the trio is given the leadership role here. Really though, the all three ladies are treated equally with their very specific evil gimmicks being front and center. They are certainly threatening, we are treated to some nice fight choreography and the grouping is just kind of fun. 

Oliver being a hero wants to stop the women but I really could watch multiples episode of nothing but their Thelma and Louise meet Bonnie and Clyde shtick. The trio, who really need a supervillain group name, are after some money that Tobias Church left stashed before his death. While China, Warner and Cupid are more enjoyable together, this should be a relatively simple mission for Ollie. None of them were ever that formidable on their own. Sadly, there is a ton of personal problems for Oliver to deal with as both mayor and Green Arrow. 

The Dark Queen Rises

Susan finally confronts Oliver about her knowledge that he might be the Green Arrow. Oliver, of course, dodges the question but when Thea gets word, everything goes to hell. With Felicity’s helping hand, Thea hacks into Susan’s laptop and learns about all the information that the reporter has uncovered about Oliver. Thea takes matters into her own hands and plants a bunch of illegal evidence onto the laptop. She then tips Susan’s employers off that Susan has been plagiarizing others for years. Susan is fired, her career and reputation are garbage. She couldn’t expose Oliver if she wanted to now. 

It’s an incredibly big step over the line but because Thea is doing it to Susan and because Thea is so channeling the wickedness of her mother, Moira, I can’t help but love her actions. Oliver, understandably, is a little upset that his baby sister has ruined his girlfriend’s life, even if that girlfriend is the wettest of blankets. Oliver expresses his concerns to Thea and blah, blah, blah. I don’t care! I need more Thea inheriting the Dark Queen throne that her mother vacated because of her death. Still not sure about “Dark Felicity” but I’m popping the popcorn waiting for more “Dark Thea,” especially a Dark Thea not borne of a Lazarus Pit. 

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America’s Most Wanted Vigilante … Redux

Thea’s morality is far from Ollie’s only conundrum. When in the process of hunting down China, Cupid and Warner, Green Arrow is stopped by the same special task force Oliver created as mayor, the ACU. They are trying to arrest him for the murder of Billy. Evidently, Prometheus leaked the real circumstances of Billy’s death to the ACU and the Green Arrow is once again public enemy number one. 

Oliver is given no choice but to go the authorities and tell them that the Green Arrow was tricked into killing Billy and the government covered the act up to protect him. Oliver’s incredibly flimsy excuse for doing this is that the Green Arrow told him to do it, but whatever. It does seem to work. The ACU call off their manhunt for the Green Arrow and even work with him to finally re-capture Cupid, Warner and China White. (China White is shot in the capture but it better not be a fatal wound because these ladies definitely should come back in some form, preferably with the Black Siren by their side.) 

Oliver’s public opinion reprieve is very short lived. Oliver can barely celebrate his victory over the take down of the estrogen fueled villain trio when some breaking news hits. A news report announces that Oliver’s administration covered up the Green Arrow’s murder of Billy. Oliver’s mayoral career might be totally over with this scandal. This is completely fair and I’m not all that sad about it to be honest. Oliver being mayor never really did change Arrow all that much and neither will Oliver being the ex-mayor. If this reveal is another power play by Prometheus, it’s a pretty weak one. 

But what do you think of Oliver’s mayoral career being threatened? Will he be fired? Should he be fired? Do you enjoy the team-up of China, Cupid and Warner? Should they re-appear? Which villains from the past would you like to see join forces? 

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