In the Arrow season 2 premiere, Oliver was found hiding out on the island grieving his best friend’s death and his inability to protect the Glades. He was brought back to Starling City to save Queen Consolidated, but he ended up reinvigorated with a new purpose. Oliver became determined to honor his fallen friend by putting on the hood again as a hero rather than as a killer vigilante.

Recently, I visited the Arrow Lair set in Vancouver and spoke with Stephen Amell with reporters about the new and improved Oliver and Arrow. Check out a video excerpt from the interview and highlights.

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Stephen Amell Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Oliver has less of a weight on him this year. He was driven by vengeance and burden of his father. Now, he’s more relaxed and less burdened. He feels better now since he’s no longer chasing a ghost.
  • By episode 6, Oliver’s convinced that he shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with someone he really cares about.
  • “That does mean he can’t be with some people that he sorta kinda cares about.”
  • “I think if you gave this guy some truth serum, he would admit to being a little bit lonely.” 
  • In episode 2, Oliver goes after people that are stealing medical supplies that are being sent to Glades Memorial Hospital.
  • Oliver is upset with people messing with justice and things that would make the city a better place. He learned that from Diggle and Felicity. He learned martial arts, to use a bow and arrows, and to be a killer on the island. 
  • The decision to not kill has made the fights a lot meaner.
  • “Getting an arrow in the throat — you’re dead — so that’s the downside. In the premiere, Oliver punched a guy in the head three times with his new bow. More violent.
  • Killing meant that Oliver didn’t have to worry about witnesses. Now, that’s a concern.
  • Roy and Oliver start to interact. They have a talk in episode 2. Similar to Felicity bringing a new dynamic to the team and Diggle being the voice of reason, Stephen believes that having “a younger, more eager, more virtuous guy on the team would be a lot of fun.” Though, he doesn’t know when that would happen.

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Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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