In Arrow’s mid-season finale, Prometheus told Evelyn that his plan for Oliver wasn’t to kill him. “I’m going to make him wish he was dead,” he shared before making a few moves against the team, one in particular that ended in tragedy.

Here’s what Prometheus did to the team in “What We Leave Behind.”

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Prometheus Attacked Curtis

While Curtis was trying to explain his cover with Felicity to explain what he was doing at night, Prometheus attacked. Curtis tried to fight back, as did Paul once his husband had been kicked down the stairs, but Prometheus ended up putting Curtis in the hospital.

This led to Curtis telling Paul how he’d been spending his nights, and after giving him an ultimatum, Paul left him.  

Evelyn Revealed Herself as a Traitor

When a drug was found in Curtis’ system following Prometheus’ attack on him, it led back to Justin Claybourne, the CEO of the company that manufactured it four years ago. When the team checked out the Claybourne Manufacturing Plant and found Prometheus there, Evelyn used an arrow to shoot Rene’s guns out of his hands.

When Oliver asked her why, she told him, “Because you’re not a hero. You’re a fraud. This city needs to be saved from you.” And then she left with Prometheus.

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Prometheus Kidnapped Detective Malone

While the detective was doing some investigating of his own — and found a baby photo he sent to Felicity — Prometheus found him and then he went missing. Given the information that Evelyn had to give Prometheus and what he did with Billy later, it seems safe to assume Prometheus knew he was dating Felicity.

Prometheus Set Oliver up to Kill Detective Malone

When Oliver tracked down Prometheus, he found bodies left just as he put down Claybourne’s men four years ago before finding him on the roof and killing him. However, when Oliver and Prometheus’ fight took them from the roof to inside the building, Oliver realized after he put three arrows in his opponent that his weapon had been taped to his hand and a recorder was on the suit. Prometheus had put Billy in the suit. Oliver killed Felicity’s boyfriend. “I told you, Oliver,” Prometheus said. “Everything you touch dies.”

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