Update: This contest is now over. Winner is: twinkies25.

Everyone has asked themselves: do aliens exist? Some of us more vocal than others and some of us sound a little crazier about the topic than others. But that’s all about to change. Season 4 of Ancient Aliens premieres tonight on H2.

Is their credible evidence, even a code, which aliens left behind for us to discover? Take Mayan conspiracy, an advanced western civilization that just disappeared? And what purpose did the pyramids serve? Is there an Alien and Bigfoot connection?

Inquiring minds (like BuddyTV’s) want to know! And we’re so excited to learn more that we’re giving away an awesome prize to one very lucky reader courtesy of H2.

The Prize: (pictured below)


  • iPad 2 with an H2 branded sleeve
  • Beats by Dre Headphones

How to Enter:
Leave a comment telling us your alien theory or what you hope Ancient Aliens discovers this season. Shy about your theory? Tell us why you want this awesome prize. Yep, it’s that simple but you only have until March 1, so hurry. Click here for complete terms and conditions.

Need some inspiration before you leave your comment below? Check out the Ancient Aliens promo. It got me thinking! 

And how does winning $10K in Earth Dollars sound? After you’re done leaving your comment be sure to check out the Ancient Aliens Facebook app where you can decipher a code for your chance to win. You can also customize your own crop circle by uploading a photo. Check it out here.

Tune in to Ancient Aliens Fridays at 10pm on H2. 

(Image and Prize courtesy of H2)

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