On tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, the girls get their makeovers as decided by Tyra.  One girl is left with no choice but to go bald after her makeover goes wrong.  The models compete in a Cover Girl makeup challenge.  For the photo shoot, the girls depict flowers, weeds, and moss.

When the models find out they are getting makeovers, most are excited while some are nervous.  What looks will Tyra choose for them this year?  She had a screen to show them, with a picture of what they look like now which then morphed into their new look that they would be getting.

Sarah gets a short, blonde look while Janet keeps a similar hairstyle but goes darker.  Ebony gets rid of the weave she had and trades it in for a much better one.  Ambreal goes super short and Jenah goes blonde.  Bianca is supposed to get a makeover that’s reminiscent of Beyonce’s look but runs into some problems.  Her hair will not go lighter and it is damaged beyond repair.  Jay tells her that she has no choice but to cut all of it off, wear wigs in the shoots, and let her hair grow back naturally.  Though she cries as her hair is being chopped off, she puts on a brave face and hardly complains about it.

The girls compete in a Cover Girl makeup challenge where they must put on a dramatic eye and nude lip as well as find an outfit with their name on it.  In order to be considered, they must get back before their time is up.  Though Janet does a good job, she grabs the wrong outfit and is disqualified.  Sarah is named the winner and for her prize, is currently featured on Cover Girl’s website.

For their photo shoots, the girl portrayed flowers, weeds, and all things that grow out of the ground.  Chantal portrays baby’s breath while Heather is chosen as the weeds.  Victoria is a cactus, Saleisha dresses in tulips, and Jenah is moss.  Strong performances go to Jenah, Janet, and Sarah while a few others struggle. 
At judging, Victoria snaps at Twiggy after she makes a comment about her being a cactus.  Her negative attitude lands her in the bottom two with Saleisha, who disappointed in her photo shoot.  Tyra calls Jenah first followed by Sarah, Lisa, Janet, Ambreal, Ebony, Bianca, and Chantal in that order.  Tyra decided to eliminate Victoria, feeling that she had potential as a model but her personality would hold her back from being successful if she didn’t learn to soften up.

Victoria will be talking to BuddyTV later this week so make sure you check back to hear what she has to say about her encounters with Twiggy.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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