Check out photos and details from the finale of America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion in which Britain’s Sophie and America’s Laura duke it out in a Covergirl beauty shoot, a hologram-tastic runway show and one last judging panel. The finale airs Wednesday at 9pm on the CW.

#29 Sophie gets ready

Episode description: The final models participate in their Covergirl commercial and photo shoot, where one of the women has a panic attack and is taken to the hospital.

#28 The episode preview video shows that Laura is the one who will have a panic attack.


#27 Laura gets made up for the last challenge


#26 Sophie for Covergirl


#25 Laura for Covergirl


#24 Sophie’s hair got pinker!


#23 Laura’s looking serene on set for Covergirl


#22 Sophie is pretty in pink


#21 Laura’s final double shot


#20 Sophie’s final double shot


#19 Again, with more branding this time…


#18 Double the model, double the fun


#17 Laura’s final advertisement


#16 Sophie’s final advertisement


#15 Time for runway!


#14 Hair bows and excited faces


#13 Ready for the runway…


#12 Tyra opens the show


#11 The runway in Hong Kong, for Forever 21

For the first time in “Top Model” history, the women will take part in a holographic runway show interacting with lifelike images and also walk in sync with the outline of their own bodies

#10 Sophie wields a sword against the evil holograms


#9 No idea what is happening.


#8 Is this Forever 21, or Forever 5?


#7 Fight! Fight! Fight!


#6 The final two at one final photo shoot with Jay and Nigel (*sniff*…)


#5 Laura in her final judging glamour look


#4 One of Sophie’s minions fixes her train


#3 Laura vs. Sophie! America vs. England! Revolutionary War 2.0!


#2 And the winner is …


#1 … We’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out! Tell us in the comments: Who will the judges choose?

Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join Jay Manuel and Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel to choose the winner.

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