Last night was was one of the most competitive nights of quarter-finalists that we’ve had this season, as favorites like Jonathan Allen and the Chicago Boyz lived up to the promise of their auditions, and contestants like Kenichi came forward as surprise front-runners. Some sort of surprise is all but guaranteed, so pour some Snapple on your Orville Redenbacher and join us for the live blog.

The live blog starts now:

Nick Canon looks like he stepped straight out of a kitschy Douglas Sirk movie here, wearing a technicolor suit of pastel purple, turquoise and red with a rainbow handkerchief. I hope he keeps subtly escalating every week, until he comes out in full Gaga regalia for the finale.

Some recap time now, revealing that a member of the Chicago Boyz injured himself pretty seriously last night. It’s all the more impressive then that they managed to finish the routine so strong. Though he faced the audience with a confident smile, the athlete was hospitalized for a thrice-broken tibia.

Jason Derulo performs next, pairing some pretty impressive dance moves with his new single “The Other Side.” He’s followed by the weekly popcorn commercial, which still seems bizarre to me. Does anyone seriously think that all these people are that excited about bagged popcorn with no ulterior motivation? It’s stupid. Whatever.

A nice little profile of new judges Heidi and Mel B. now, followed by a couple minutes of awkward live TV banter about hair. Finally, we get to some results.


David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers

Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show

Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low

Fun fact: these were three of the bottom four acts as ranked by BuddyTV’s own Bill King. No big surprises, but it remains to be seen who will emerge at the top.


Kelsey and Bailey

Brandon and Savannah

The American Military Spouse Choir moves on to the semi-finals.

Now it’s down to the wire.

Kenichi Ebina moves on to the semi-finals.


Jim Meskiman

Jonathan Allen moves on to the semi-finals.

That’s two eminently qualified acts through, along with one predictable middle-weight, and I won’t say which is which because I’m too patriotic. Heidi awkwardly jumps onto the stage to hug Jonathan.


Deanna DellaCioppa

That leaves Mitsi School of Dancing and the Chicago Boyz at the mercy of the judges. I don’t think there’s any ambiguity about who’s moving forward here: Chicago Boyz have the backstory, the performance chops, and the narratively interesting injury to overcome.

Mel B. votes for the Chicago Boyz

Howard votes for the Chicago Boyz

Howie votes for the Chicago Boyz

Chicago Boyz move on to the semi-finals.

Sorry Heidi, no time for you. The Chicago Boyz move on, as is proper.

That does it for this competitive week of quarter-finals, tune in for more this Tuesday!

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Ted Kindig

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV