The Lost rumor mills are in overdrive today ever since Korbi at reported the possibility of Evangeline Lilly’s exit for the series. According to Korbi’s “solid” sources, Lilly is currently auditioning for pilots for next Fall, suggesting that her schedule may be open next season.

However,’s Michael Ausiello reports that his sources at ABC say the rumors are false and that Lilly already has a contract extending her stay with the show through the end of season 6.

However, this may not exclude the possibility that Lilly is considering some extra work.  Let’s examine some ways that both reports can be accurate.

First, Korbi says that Lilly is auditioning. While this could be true, I find it hard to believe an actress of her standing would have to audition. She’s the sexy star of a hit show with a very devoted fan base. Any new show would be damn lucky to have her without even needing the audition.

Second, assuming it is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean Kate will be killed off. Lost is entering its final season, so maybe she’s simply being proactive. Though the commute would be annoying, maybe Lilly thinks she could do two shows at once, or at least have a recurring role that could turn into a series regular at a later point.

Third, her schedule for next season may already be set, and it’s just a case of Kate being in fewer episodes. Lost has a huge ensemble cast and characters can go away for a while without being missed too much. Just look at Emilie de Ravin, who’s taking this season off with the promise of coming back next season, Or Harold Perrineau, who disappeared for a season and a half.

This season offers more precedent. Daniel Dae Kim is a series regular, but other than brief cameos at the end of “The Little Prince” and “316,” he’s only appeared in one of the first seven episodes. Henry Ian Cusick has also had a slim presence. Other than “Jughead,” he’s appeared in just one quick scene in four other episodes.

The point is that Lilly could take a new job, fly down to Hawaii for a week to film some scenes for a few episodes, then go back to her new series without dramatically changed Lost. If the report is correct and Lilly is looking for a new job, it doesn’t necessarily mean Kate is getting killed off next week. It just means Lilly is looking to the future, as she’ll be out of a job in about a year anyway.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Zap2It
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