It seems as though the scales of the American Idol finale will stay in the favor of the men. In the past 10 seasons, 60 percent of the final two singers on American Idol have been male (that number jumps to 75 percent over the last four seasons). And here we are once again, with two guys and a girl at the end.

Even worse for the fairer sex? It looks like Jessica Sanchez is going home and Idol will have its fourth man-on-man finale (compared to just one with two women back in season 3).

Why do I say Jessica is going? It’s simple: she didn’t get a standing ovation. Joshua Ledet got his one millionth standing O for “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and you could tell the judges wanted to stand again for “No More Drama,” but they decided that it would be a bit excessive.

And Phillip Phillips got a standing ovation for “We’ve Got Tonight,” probably because Nigel Lythgoe forced them to since he knows P2 is going to win and they need to start acting like he deserves it over Joshua.

Meanwhile, the only standing ovation Jessica got this week was from Steven Tyler when she sang an Aerosmith song, which was just kind of embarrassing for Tyler. You could almost hear his inner Norma Desmond screaming out “I still am big. It’s the songs that got small.”

Jessica’s time to go is now. The judges saved her once, which only proved that America doesn’t like her as much as they do. The hometown visits also sealed the deal. Joshua’s homecoming was a religious experience, literally, while Phillip’s dad almost cried talking about how much he loves his son. And Jessica…well, she sure did enjoy riding in a helicopter.

I’d be shocked if Jessica survives. Phillip has been destined for victory ever since the Top 13 when Vegas oddsmakers made him the favorite. And Joshua has been looking at a spot in the finale by sheer force of will from the judges, who love him more than Steve loves nonsensical phrases about shadows being behind you.

So goodbye Jessica Sanchez and hello an all-male finale where a nice, handsome, sweet, innocent boy will do battle with a singer who has an insanely wonderful voice. So it’s kind of like Kris Allen vs. Adam Lambert. Or David Cook vs. David Archuleta. Sorry Joshua, but you’re on the losing end of that equation.

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