The three best singers are left in the competition. And all three more or less came out swinging last night to try and snag one of the two spots in next week’s finale. Who will go head-to-head? Will it be Candice vs. Angie, Angie vs. Kree or Candice vs. Kree? No matter which way it goes, we’ll have a very deserving Top 2.

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Kree Harrison: Each contestant had their moment to shine last night. For Kree, she won Round 2 with her emotional performance of “Here Comes Goodbye” that followed an even more emotional hometown visit. She started off the night with a middle-of-the-road performance on “Perfect,” and ended her set with an upbeat country song that didn’t quite fit her.

Sharing her story of her parents dying was gut-wrenching to watch, and there’s no doubt she received a bunch of sympathy votes because of that. If the results end up being extremely close between everyone, then those sympathy votes might be enough to put her over the edge.

Angie Miller: Angie won Round 1 with “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.” Throughout the night, the judges kept going on and on and on about her and that blasted piano. Yes, we all know Angie is right at home playing the piano, and I love it whenever she does, but they just couldn’t stop yammering on about it.

Angie’s biggest obstacle right now is Kree. I’ve mentioned here before about Kree losing steam and Angie surging ahead in recent weeks. But Kree’s story about her parents could be what sends Angie home. Angie’s best performance occurred near the start, whereas her final song was just alright. That final impression won’t help her. (It’s odd that she actually did sit at the piano for this one, yet it ended up being her weakest performance of the night.)

Candice Glover: And then there’s Candice. She started off with two great, if not perfect (at least on “One”), performances. But what put her at the front of the pack to me was her take on “Somewhere” from West Side Story. She not only won Round 3 with that song, she won the night. That alone increases her chances of sticking around. What else helps was she got the pimp spot with that very song.

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The headline above makes it sound like I’m 100% confidence Candice is safe. After her rendition of “Somewhere,” she should be. But at this point, it’s anyone’s game, and the votes could be extremely close between the three. (Remember the less than 1% difference between Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin back in season 5?)

But what could spell doom for her? Let’s say, hypothetically, the votes are close between Angie and Candice, then Kree comes along and manages to run past them all and snag the top spot with her emotional hometown visit — if Candice is running behind Angie at all in the votes, then she’s out in this scenario.

So really, what I’m trying to say is it’s anyone’s game. All three deserve to be in the Top 3, and the case can be made for any of them to advance to the finals. I’m ultimately predicting that Kree will be eliminated since she seems to be the next in line to go (due to Angie’s recent surge, as I mentioned before), and if the previous eight weeks are any indication, the person who everyone considers the next in line to go does end up leaving.

In a way, it’s unfortunately, because over a month ago, I couldn’t have imagined myself ever thinking Kree would be in danger of elimination. But when we’ve got this strong of a Top 3, you never know what might happen.

Who do you think will compete in next week’s finale? Will it be Candice vs. Angie? Angie vs. Kree? Candice vs. Kree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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