It’s time for results on The Voice. While American Idol‘s results shows are 98 percent filler, The Voice has a lot to get done in an hour. Carson Daly will announce the top two vote-getters from each team and then each of the four coaches will have to decide which of the remaining two singers gets eliminated and who moves forward to the Top 12.

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Watch the Live Playoff Performances from Team Blake and Team Shakira>>

Throw in Rod Stewart and Cee Lo Green and you’ve got yourselves a jam-packed hour of television.

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Predictions: Who’s Going Home from Team Blake and Team Shakira?>>

I’m predicting that Caroline Glaser, Cathia, Kris Thomas and The Swon Brothers will get eliminated. Let’s see if I’m right.

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This is The Voice live blog!

The Voice is starting with transparency! Carson Daly brings out the man in charge of the voting for this and many other reality shows. They explain that they noticed some inconsistencies with text and online votes from this week’s shows, so they are throwing them out. However, they assure us that dumping those votes does not affect the outcome. I appreciate the honesty and it makes me feel good that, for once, a reality show decides to be upfront about the voting procedures.

Team Blake and Team Shakira: “Hall of Fame” by The Script

We open with a group performance that is interesting and all over the place, but it ends with some surprisingly strong harmony between all nine singers. Also, eat your heart out, Glee, since New Directions are performing this song at Regionals tomorrow night.

Team Blake Results

After weeks of watching American Idol, I’m stunned that we’re getting results within the first 10 minutes of a show instead of waiting until the last 10 minutes. Needless to say, Blake Shelton thinks all of his country stars are amazing and destined to win.

The first singer in the Top 12 is…Holly Tucker!
The second singer in the Top 12 is…Danielle Bradbery!

Hooray, I was 100 percent correct in my predictions. That’s a good sign for me.

Blake Shelton saves…The Swon Brothers!

Justin Rivers IS ELIMINATED!

Wow, I did not see that coming. Blake claims it was to keep things a little different, so obviously the only reason they’re still here is because they’re a duo. I’d like to flashback five minutes ago, when Blake Shelton recapped last night’s performances and said “I wouldn’t be surprised to see Justin Rivers go very deep in this competition.” Oh Blake, are you ever right?

“Finest Woman” and “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart (with Garrett Gardner, Karina Iglesias and Josiah Hawley)

Yikes. I’m pretty sure if Rod fell asleep at a funeral home, someone would try to embalm him. Like with a concert, you have to get through the crappy new song to get to the beloved classic. The fact that this show uses its contestants in the results show performances by professionals is probably the best difference between The Voice and Idol. And these are probably the right three singers to be paired with Rod Stewart, even though they only show up for one chorus in the second song.

“Only You” by Cee Lo Green and Season 2 Finalist Juliet Simms

Carson gives a shout-out to Purrfect the Cat’s Twitter account. I love the new coaches, but season 4 is definitely lacking a strong animal presence. The song is OK, and Juliet is pretty great. It’s nice to see the coaches helping out their old team members.

Team Shakira Results

Nice, let’s get back to business. My fingers are crossed that Kris finally goes.

The first singer in the Top 12 is…Sasha Allen!
The second singer in the Top 12 is…Kris Thomas!

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. How did that happen? Why do people like Kris Thomas? And now this is a hard choice.

Shakira saves…Garrett Gardner!

Karina Iglesias IS ELIMINATED!

Shakira explains that her decision is based on the fact that Garrett has more potential for growth while Karina is already as good as she can probably be. It’s better than randomly picking a name out of a paper bag, which Shakira also tried as a strategy. Well, this is definitely off to an auspicious start as I didn’t predict either of the two eliminated singers.

Team Adam and Team Usher: “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia

I never thought I’d write the phrase “Swedish House Mafia” in a recap. But this style of electronic dance music certainly fits nicely with this group of singers. I feel like Cathia and Caroline Glaser should swap teams, because they’re with the wrong groups.

Team Usher Results

As long as Michelle is safe (which she will be), nothing else really matters. But I do hope Josiah’s hotness stays on my TV for another few weeks.

The first singer in the Top 12 is…Michelle Chamuel!
The second singer in the Top 12 is…Vedo!

Sigh. Come on, Usher, save the hottie!

Usher saves…Josiah Hawley!


Finally, I got one right! And on behalf of all of us who enjoy having something pretty to look at, thank you, Usher.

Team Adam Results

We get it, The Voice wants Adam Levine to win again. That’s why he’s going last, I assume.

The first singer in the Top 12 is…Judith Hill!
The second singer in the Top 12 is…Amber Carrington!

OK, so I was 6 for 8 on picking the top vote-getters.

Adam Levine saves…Sarah Simmons!

Caroline Glaser IS ELIMINATED!

Adam is such a diva and literally waits until the last possible second. I think the opening credits for Law and Order: SVU actually aired in the middle of him saying “Simmons.”

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