The winter finale of Supergirl was the show at its very best. That means, as you can probably guess, there was a lot of Cat Grant. Cat wasn’t the only good thing about Supergirl in “Hostile Takeover” however. There was a surprisingly interesting story to be told as Kara went up against her maybe not-so-evil aunt Astra again. Kara had to confront some harsh truths about her late mother and Astra revealed herself to be a smidge more intriguing that we all originally thought. Here are some of the best quotes from one of Supergirl’s best episodes “Hostile Takeover.”

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“Your mother always said you had the heart of a hero. I need for you to be a hero, Kara. It’s time for us to be a family again.”

– Astra to Kara

“You didn’t get that back by any chance? I really like that knife.”

– J’onn to Kara 

“In the last hour alone, the Daily Planet has published my real age, the fact that I have three personal shoppers on-call at Barneys and that I asked out Idris Elba on a date and he said no. His loss.”

– Cat talking about being hacked 

“Only if I wanted people to die of boredom.”

Cat: “Can’t we just sue every outlet that’s publishing these e-mails?” 

CatCo Lawyer: “We can try, but it’s a process. Imagine if someone dumped all of Lois Lane’s personal e-mails into your lap, wouldn’t you publish them?”

Cat: “Only if I wanted people to die of boredom.”

“Only people you trust on this one. James Olsen and that handsome little hobbit who has more cardigans than you do.”

– Cat to Kara about James and Winn

“Gross. I know what happens there.”

– Winn learning Cat went to Burning Man

“I will see this through. I will die before I allow another world to end when I could save it.”

– Astra

“Superman doesn’t kill.”


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“I couldn’t love a daughter more than if Rao had granted me a child of my own.”

– Astra to young Kara

“She called me a liar, too. She had to. Had to make someone else responsible for her deception. And cruelty. And weakness.”

– Astra talking about Alura

“What is the point of having all these muscles if you can’t open a stupid little plastic box?”

– Winn talking about James

“God, I’m enjoying corporate espionage, like, a little too much.”


“You let everyone that I love die! You left me! You left me alone! You sent me away! How could you do that?”

– Kara to Alura’s hologram

“If I wanted to have sex with a beach boy I’d still be sleeping with John Stamos.”

– Cat

“Adam Foster is my son. My oldest. His father is somebody who I hadn’t dated very long. I didn’t know him very well. He’s not Carter’s father.”

– Cat

“You have no idea what that moment is like, when you have to say to yourself, ‘Maybe my child would be better off without me.'”

– Cat 

“Not being there for Adam is my greatest regret. And now, for all we know, somebody is about to release it to the world.”

– Cat

“Gentlemen? Make sure the press get plenty of pictures of him being dragged out.”

– Cat firing Dirkman for hacking her

“I understand that Kara is special. And not just because of the cape. She’s the kind of girl worth risking it all for. Hey, man. If I were you, I’d risk it.”

– James to Winn

“Something’s off and I can’t read Astra’s mind to find out why. Kryptonians are impervious to my telepathy, which Superman finds hilarious.”

– J’onn to Alex

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“Oh, Kiera. Another week, another crisis averted thanks to you. My secret weapon, my guardian angel.”

– Cat to Kara

“Well… Let me begin by saying thank you for all the help that you’ve given me, Supergirl.”

– Cat learning that Kara is Supergirl

“To think that you’re the last daughter of the once great House of El.”

– Non to Kara

“You’re gonna wish I’d died with the rest of them!”

-Kara to Non

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