Taking a page from season one, American Horror Story: Hotel is celebrating Halloween by letting the dead roam about freely. In “Devil’s Night,” Mr. March invites some of his infamous friends to celebrate his favorite night of the year. Of course, John is invited, but he can’t distinguish what’s real and what’s not. Meanwhile, Alex makes a sacrifice to be with her son.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…For the Dead

Halloween is upon the hotel, and Mr. March is hosting his annual Devil’s Night dinner party. Among the guest list of the dead are some killers, including Jeffrey Dommer and Aileen Wuornos (Lily Rabe).

To prepare, Miss Evers is, as she always is, trying to clean the sheets of blood. She seems to be failing, as the blood seeps through to John’s floor, causing his walls to bleed. A not-freaked out John heads to see Miss Evers, who is upset as she reminisces about her son. She explains that she too lost her son to a killer years ago. She says she wasn’t paying attention and the boy was kidnapped and later killed.

When John goes to look up the case at the precinct, he sees that it is from the 1920s and starts to question things. And instead of just getting out of the hotel, he heads to the bar for a drink from Liz Taylor. In walks Aileen, but John seems to think it’s a person in a costume. The pair gets drunk and heads to his room, where she handcuffs him and tries to kill him. He breaks free and locks her in his bathroom. When he goes to complain about her, Liz Taylor just offers up information about Devil’s Night and Mr. March’s exclusive guest list. He then presents John with an invitation.

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Was It All a Hallucination?

Despite already having a few drinks, John heads to the dinner party where he’s greeted by Mr. March and his dead guests. March offers everyone absinthe and then handcuffs John to the chair. He makes him sit there as Jeffrey Dommer injects acid in someone’s brain and “turns” him. After March makes another toast to his friends, Sally brings out dessert,” a man she picked up on the street and gets super high. Each guest takes turns stabbing the man.

John wakes up screaming and is in an empty room, save Sally. She tells him he’s been alone the whole time and perhaps the absinthe and alcohol weren’t a good mix. She tells him that she’s his protector and then brings him back to his room. However, as they leave, the room is filled with March and his friends as they finish off their treat.

A True Bond

While John is off playing with the dead, Alex takes Holden back to their home. Once there, though, Holden is obviously not himself. And when Alex catches Holden feeding on the family dog, she realizes she has to find out what the hell happened to him. She heads back to the hotel looking for answers.

The Countess is very happy to explain that years ago, she rescued Holden from a home filled with neglect. And while Alex says that she has never neglected him, the Countess explains it was John who lost him that day. The Countess goes on to explain that she protects all of her children from the dangers of the outside world.

When Alex asks what’s wrong with Holden, the Countess explains the blood virus and how it’s irreversible. Alex threatens to kill the Countess, who calmly tells her the only way to truly be with Holden is to be turned herself. The price Alex would pay is her undying loyalty to the Countess.

After heading home, Alex comes back to be turned. The Countess explains the process, telling Alex to allow herself to be ripped apart, as from blood comes life. And when she rises, Alex will be reunited with Holden for all of eternity.

Is Everyone Dead?

Even though we’re only four weeks in, I think everyone is dead on American Horror Story: Hotel. Except for, maybe, John. But he’s obviously somehow weirdly connected to the hotel, since even though he’s freaked out, he doesn’t want to leave. I can’t imagine that all of the other hotels in Los Angeles are booked up.

It should be interesting now that Alex is turned to be with Holden. The Countess just seems to keep adding to her collection of minions and children. Perhaps it’s all part of her plan to take back the hotel.

Missing this week were Iris and Donovan. I was disappointed because I wanted to see what happened after Donovan gave her his blood. Sally didn’t even make mention of it when she “rescued” John from the dinner party.

I’m glad American Horror Story is back to the “who’s dead” and “who’s alive” scenario. I hope it stays on this track, which would make for a good season.

American Horror Story: Hotel airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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