The Countess is one force to be reckoned with, and trust me, you don’t want to be on her bad side. Hell, sometimes you don’t even want to be on her good side. And it seems that after over a century, she wants to right her life again. In “She Wants Revenge,” the Countess puts a plan into action to take control of her life and she stops at nothing to get her happiness. Meanwhile, Alex quickly realizes the consequences of her actions when she “saves” her measles patient.

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Taking Back Control

With the recent release of her one and only true love Valentino, the Countess gets reminiscent of her past. She realizes that she no longer wants someone controlling her and quickly formulates a plan to regain power.

Her first stop, going to see Valentino, who is shacked up at a motel with his wife Natasha. He is not taking too kindly to the modern world, while his wife quickly embraces it. The Countess assures him that things will all be okay, but first he needs to lose Natasha. This, of course, is something the Countess will at some point not have a problem doing for him.

Her next stop is to reunite with Donovan. He falls for her again, as most people under her spell do. He tells her he wants a commitment from her, stating that they can be with other people, but they can’t love other people. She agrees, and adds that she will be marrying Will Drake, but only to take his money and then kill him. Together, the Countess and Donovan put together a list of people they want to kill in order to clear up their lives and start over.

Her last stop before her wedding to Will Drake is requesting that the secret hallway get a steel door, something impenetrable. In addition, she wants security cameras in that hallway and the rooms.

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Who’s Side Is He On?

After reuniting with the Countess, Donovan runs into Iris, who has just killed a few people to collect their blood. He’s pleased with her and tells her not to worry, as his plan with Romona to get revenge on the Countess is all falling into place.

Donovan heads to Romona’s, who is quickly skeptical of him after his rekindled affair with the Countess. He assures her that it’s just a ploy so they can kill her. As they formulate a plan, Romona tells him about her past with her father with Alzheimer’s.

Back at the Cortez, as Romona goes to stab the Countess, she wakes up while Donovan uses a taser on Romona. Together, they bring her to the secret hallway/vault and lock her in a cage.

Donovan explains to Iris that this was the plan all along, and that he and the Countess are one-by-one killing or trapping people who have hurt them in the past. Iris tells him this is a bad idea, but he’s not hearing it, as he’s very in love with the Countess.

Later, as he follows the Countess to the motel where Valentino is staying, Donovan overhears their plan. He’s obviously upset to hear that the Countess will take the money from Will Drake and rebuild the Cortez up again with Valentino and not him.

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A Wedding and a Death

Will Drake, oblivious to all that goes on in the hotel, is very focuses on his wedding. He reluctantly agrees to a small affair to appease the Countess. Before his wedding day, Miss Evers warns him not to get married. He brushes her warning off, so she tells him that soon he will be in pain and she won’t help him, but rather watch him die and then clean his dirty suit. What a crazy woman. But she does reveal that she believes the Countess is poison ever since she married March, as Miss Evers was in love with March.

After the short wedding, the Countess goes to get changed while Will Drake gets a drink from the bar. He’s visited by March, who is clearly fascinated by this wedding and his former lover. So much so, that he introduces Will Drake to his child with the Countess, Bartholomew. Will Drake is disgusted by the child, which infuriates the Countess. She knocks him out and puts him in the vault with a very hungry Romona. After releasing Romona, Will Drake realizes he’s trapped. His panic turns into pure fear as Romona attacks him to feed, all while the Countess sits and enjoys the show on her surveillance video.

It’s Feeding Time

Meanwhile, newly turned Alex is quickly realizing the consequences of turning Max, the boy with measles who she “cured” by giving him her blood. As you may recall, a few weeks ago on American Horror Story: Hotel, Max turned a bunch of his classmates. Not only did they get turned into crazy, blood-sucking kids, but if they don’t feed, the measles come back.

Alex hears a news report about a slain homeless person and thinks to check up on Max. She finds a room full of dead bodies, in addition to the group of kids feeding on the pizza delivery guy. She scolds them and warns them they will get caught. She suggests they all go to the hotel, but the kids are brutal. One of Max’s friends wants to kill her, since they made a rule to kill anyone who comes in contact with them. However, Max lets her go while all of the kids run away.

What’s the End Game?

I have to wonder what the Countess’ end game is. She clearly wants to just be with Valentino, but she’s pretty convincing that she wants to be with Donovan. In the end though, she just wants to be happy and in control of her life. I can’t help but wonder if Donovan is now having second thoughts too, especially after hearing her plan with Valentino.

I’m glad they addressed the creepy vampire children. I was beginning to wonder if that storyline just died, so now I’m curious how it will play out. What will the Countess do when she finds out what Alex did? Perhaps she’ll kill Alex and then find the children to make them her own?

American Horror Story: Hotel is slowly becoming my favorite season so far. And as much as I mentioned last week I would have liked the balance between the Countess storyline and the 10 Commandments Killer storyline, I’m beginning to think that that’s not necessary as it’s good to break out the episodes so each character has their fair share of screen time.

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