So far, All My Children‘s Cameron Mathison has managed to survive the first two eliminations of this season’s Dancing with the Stars, to the delight of his co-stars and supporters, Melissa Claire Egan and Thorsten Kaye.

“I thought he did an amazing job,” Egan, who plays Annie Lavery on All My Children, told Soap Opera Digest when asked what she thought of Mathison’s performance last Monday.  “He’s definitely improved since the first week.  He seems more confident.  He was having so much fun out there.  This time around, he seemed really excited to be there and really into it.  It was so cool to watch.”

Being on ABC reality series has not stopped Cameron Mathison from working on All My Children, which is why he constantly has to travel from New York, where the soap is filmed, to Los Angeles, where Dancing with the Stars is held.  “Most people aren’t even working while they’re on [Dancing with the Stars], and he’s working on the other side of the country,” Egan said.  “It’s bananas, but he’s holding up well.  You never hear him complain about it.”

Kaye, on the other hand, chose to share more humorous comments, saying Mathison, who portrays Ryan Lavery on All My Children, was able to shine despite having worn a similar outfit as the one eliminated contestant Albert Reed donned the previous week.

“I was surprised he wore the exact same outfit that Barbie Boy wore the week before.  That’s why they booted him, because he wanted to give the shirt of bad luck to Cameron and they found out about it,” Mathison told Soap Opera Digest jokingly.  “And Cameron still pulled it off.”

Thorsten Kaye also said that he helped out Cameron Mathison with his wardrobe for tonight’s episode by giving him “a bucket of wax.”

“He used the whole bucket, so I know it wasn’t just the chest,”  Thorsten Kaye joked.  “I hear he’s doing some kind of cowboy thing with chaps for [the third] week.  He’ll be ready for that.  The redness will be gone by then.  That’s what it promises on the bucket anyway.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Soap Opera Digest
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