For Stephen King’s short story fans, the American TV series adaptation known as “Chapelwaite” has been a welcome reinvention of King’s short story entitled “Jerusalem’s Lot.” Even viewers who might never have read King but enjoy horror have flocked to the first season of the eerie tale of Captain Charles Boone, played by Adrien Brody. 

Since its premiere on August 22, 2021, “Chapelwaite’s” depiction of the Boone family and its creepy tribulations in Preacher’s Corners, Maine has been a popular destination for any type of mature viewers who enjoy a bit of dark suspense and a strong storyline. 

Writers Peter and Jason Filardi have recently enjoyed an official renewal of the miniseries for a second season and the “Chapelwaite” fanbase continues to expand. This article will provide details into the main cast of “Chapelwaite” characters and offer insights into the careers of the actors who play those intriguingly complex characters.

Main Characters of “Chapelwaite”

“Chapelwaite’s” town of Preacher’s Corners is brimming with diverse characters that turn the minds and hearts of viewers each episode. The following section breaks these characters down in greater detail and allows a peek into the careers of the actors who play them.

Captain Charles Boone

Chapelwaite - Captain Charles Boone

Played by the ever-impressive Adrien Brody, Captain Charles Boone is a brooding patriarch of a sea captain who finds himself left to the task of raising three children on his own after his wife’s tragic death aboard a whaling ship. Avid movie-goers may remember Brody best for his Academy Award-winning turn in “The Pianist.” He is likewise a mainstay in the films of king-of-quirk director Wes Anderson and many other decorated films. As the protagonist of “Chapelwaite” the show and the steward of The Chapelwaite Manor, Captain Boone is troubled by his family’s timid reception in town. Throughout the unfolding of each episode’s plot, he is forced to come to grips with the haunting history of his ancestors that has led to his family’s status today.

Rebecca Morgan

Chapelwaite - Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca is an intrepid journalist whose mindset and material goodness are far beyond her time and location. Depicted by the sterling Emily Hampshire, she is brought on as a nanny for the Boone children and intends to utilize the time she spends with them as fodder for a creative story. Hampshire has already garnered public acclaim in the form of six Canadian Screen Awards for her depiction of Stevie Budd on the popular television comedy “Schitt’s Creek.” Viewers may also recognize her as Vivienne from “Snow Cake,” which also starred Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. From the very first “Chapelwaite” episode, entitled “Blood Calls Blood,” Rebecca’s portrayal of the classic gothic fiction governess character contains elements of high education and even a conniving nature that challenge the norms of this literary genre.

Honor Boone

Chapelwaite - Honor Boone

As the eldest of the Boone children, Honor feels and accepts an immediate parental responsibility for her younger siblings. She also bears the burden of being old enough to recognize when the mixed-race Boone family is being subjected to the words of a cruel critic in town or the wayward glances of judgmental women. In her first-ever onscreen role, Jennifer Ens brings light and power to Honor’s character, a character she had to cull from her own imagination as King’s original story contained no children. Ens plays Honor as tough and worldly — and very much as a pillar of the Boone family.

Loa Boone

Chapelwaite - Loa Boone

The youngest daughter and middle child of Captain Charles Boone is played by Sirena Gulamgaus. Loa has a troubled, turbulent relationship with her father and a bone deformity that forces her to wear leg braces. The leg braces mean that Loa is sometimes ridiculed and often struggles harder than the other Boone children with the day-to-day tasks of her life. Gulamgaus may be familiar to some viewers from her previous role of playing Aisha Yasin on “Orphan Black.”

Tane Boone

Chapelwaite - Tane Boone

As the only son and youngest child of Captain Boone, Tane is often the observer of strange occurrences that he attempts to share with his family members but is often dismissed or overlooked for being too young. Played by Ian Ho of “A Simple Favor,” Tane is, in actuality, one of the more insightful characters on “Chapelwaite.”


Chapelwaite - Jakub

A veteran actor of multiple sci-fi franchises such as “Van Helsing” and “The Twilight Saga,” Christopher Heyerdahl is the seasoned star “Chapelwaite” needed for best portraying the demonic vampire known as Jakub. Throughout the show, Charles Boone is beset by hallucinations of worms, and Jakub, a vampire leading a cult with a diabolical plan, is directly connected to the meaning of these scary visions.

Minister Burroughs

Chapelwaite - Minister Burroughs

Minister Martin Burroughs is meant to be Preacher’s Corners’ moral pillar but is, in fact, having an affair with a local parishioner named Faith Pringle. Played by the highly decorated Canadian actor and playwright Gord Rand, Minister Burroughs is welcoming to the Boone family, but by the eighth “Chapelwaite” episode entitled “Hold The Night” has revealed more than once that he will betray anyone he needs to on behalf of his secret love. “Orphan Black” fans may remember that Rand won a Canadian Screen Award nomination for a guest role in that popular series.

Stephen Boone

Chapelwaite - Stephen Boone

Playing Captain Boone’s estranged relative, Steven McCarthy brings unpredictability and grit to the character of Stephen Boone. A winner of a Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance in a guest role for “Mary Kills People” and an accomplished filmmaker in his own right, McCarthy has also appeared in “The Expanse” and “Pieces of a Woman.”

Where Can You Watch “Chapelwaite?”

Because it is an EPIX original series, you will need to head to that platform to enjoy “Chapelwaite.” The good news is that EPIX is available as an add-on for many other popular platforms that you may already subscribe to. Apple TV, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, The Roku Channel, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV all have EPIX apps on offer for a nominal price.

What is “Chapelwaite” Based On?

In 1975, Stephen King came out with a spooky novel that would become one of his great, suspenseful classics:Salem’s Lot.” The prequel to that novel was the short story, “Jerusalem’s Lot,” upon which the tv series “Chapelwaite” is based. 

With Halifax, Nova Scotia standing in for the uneasily quiet town of Preacher’s Corners on the show, “Chapelwaite” the show is named after the inherited home of Captain Charles Boone, the central character of this narrative in both print and screen renditions of the tale. As with other Stephen King crowd favorites such as “The Stand,” “The Mist,” and “The Shining,” “Chapelwaite” is brimming with supernatural events, blood-curdling mysteries, and an ever-growing sense of unnamed dread that threatens to unfurl at any moment.

Has “Chapelwaite” Been Canceled?

“Chapelwaite” fans are free to get excited as executive producers and co-showrunners Peter and Jason Filardi have been given the green light for season two already. As Captain Boone ended season one with a radical decision to protect his children with his own submission to becoming a vampire, season two is expected to pick up where this thread left off. Charles Boone is now the official guardian of De Vermis Mysteriis, the dangerous “Book of the Worm.” No official premiere date for “Chapelwaite” season two has been posted yet but will be forthcoming in 2022.

Is “Chapelwaite” Worth Watching?

“Chapelwaite” has enjoyed a favorable response from audiences, eliciting an 80% overall approval rate amongst fans on Rotten Tomatoes. The tv series is an intriguing watch for anyone who enjoys a fast-moving plot with loads of twists and unexpected magic. Stephen King fans who love the kind of slow-burn terror of “Carrie” will be particularly fond of “Chapelwaite” for its similar narrative style.

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