“The Thing” is a 2011 science fiction horror film by director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

The film centers around a group of American scientists sent to investigate a mysterious capsule that has landed in Antarctica, only to find themselves under attack from an otherworldly creature.

“The Thing” is a loose remake of the 1982 film of the same name, based on John W. Campbell’s 1938 novella “Who Goes There?”

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On October 10, 2011, the film was released to mixed reviews from critics but was a box office success, grossing over $31.5 million worldwide.

Movies like “The Thing” are a rarity. They’re thrilling, suspenseful, and downright scary with gruesome body horror scenes simultaneously. If you’re looking for a good scare, and don’t mind spending a few hours in the dark, check out one of these films.

The Thing (1982)

The first on the list is the original movie “The Thing” from 1982, based on the novella by John W. Campbell and tells the story of a group of scientists who get attacked by an alien being that can take on the form of any other organism.

This movie is a classic and is still considered one of the best science fiction horror films ever made. It’s suspenseful with Incredible practical effects and a chilling atmosphere.

In “The Thing,” Carpenter’s classic takes place in an isolated Antarctic research station, where a parasitic extraterrestrial creature gradually absorbs a group of Americans.

People were shocked by the movie’s bleak and cynical atmosphere, not to mention its cringe-inducing violence and body horror, at the time; nevertheless, it has developed into a firm cult classic. If you have watched “The Thing,” released in 2011, you should watch the previous version of “The Thing,” released in 1982.

Alien (1979)

Director Ridley Scott‘s “Alien” is one of the excellent sci-fi horror movies that is a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

The movie tells the story of the crew of the space freighter Nostromo, who are awakened from hibernation by a strange signal from a nearby planet. They soon discover that the call is a warning and that they are not alone on the ship.

“Alien” is a fast-paced, tension-filled thriller that will keep you glued to the screen from beginning to end. It’s one of the most iconic science fiction horror movies.

“Alien” is still one of the most distinctive, frightening films ever made. But, in comparison to today’s cliche sci-fi terrors, 1979 still delivers a punch. Even now, the tale remains well worth seeing, with a wonderfully dark and frightening atmosphere.

If you are a fan of movies like “The Thing,” you will enjoy “Alien.” It’s a classic science fiction horror film that will send chills down your spine.

The Faculty (1998)

“The Faculty” is a 1998 American sci-fi horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez, written by Kevin Williamson, starring Jordana Brewster, Clea DuVall, Laura Harris, and Josh Hartnett.

The plot follows a group of students at Herrington High School who suspect that their teachers are aliens after one of them finds an extraterrestrial device.

The film managed to gross $63.2 million against a budget of $15 million and was generally well-received by movie critics. It was compared to other movies like The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers and is considered one of Rodriguez’s better films.

“The Faculty” is set in the invented city of Herrington, Ohio, but was filmed in Austin and San Marcos.

The Void (2016)

“The Void” is a 2016 Canadian sci-fi horror film written and directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie. The film stars Aaron Poole, Kathleen Munroe, Ellen Wong, Kenneth Welsh, and Daniel Fox.

The plot follows a group of people who become trapped in a hospital. A supernatural force from outer space is taking them over.

“The Void” is an ’80s homage to Carpenter’s work reminiscent of his films. It’s a gruesome and chilling movie, but it also provides a lot of chill entertainment.

If you want to spend your weekend watching similar movies like “The Thing,” then “The Void” is your favorite movie.

Life (2017)

“Life” is a 2017 American sci-fi horror film by director Daniel Espinosa and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Olga Dihovichnaya.

The plot follows the crew of the International Space Station who discover a single-celled organism that may be the first proof of extraterrestrial life.

The film keeps the audience guessing as an alien life form engulfs the ship from beginning to end.

Director Daniel Espinosa did an outstanding job; the cinematography and visual effects are stunning. The movie managed to do a business of $100 million with a 6.6 rating on Imbd.

“Life” is a very suspenseful film that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. It’s an excellent movie for fans of science fiction and horror.

If you are looking for a movie like “The Thing,” then “Life” is a good choice. It’s a science fiction horror film that will entertain you from beginning to end.

The Mist (2007)

A dense cloud of mist surrounds Maine, a small town after a violent storm, trapping artist David Drayton and his five-year-old kid in a grocery store with other people. They quickly discover that the mist conceals deadly horrors that are out to get them.

“The Mist” is an adaptation of the Stephen King novella of the same name. It’s a dark and suspenseful film that will send chills down your spine.

Directed by Frank Darabont, the film has a rating of 7.2 on IMDb and grossed $57.3 million against a budget of $18 million.

If you are a fan of movies like “The Thing,” you will enjoy “The Mist.” It’s a sci-fi horror film with outer space scenes that are definitely worth watching.

Event Horizon (1997)

John Carpenter’s “The Thing” defines a cult classic, and “Event Horizon” follows in the same footsteps. It is a 1997 sci-fi horror film by director Paul W. S. Anderson and writer Philip Eisner, starring Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson, and Richard T. Jones.

The plot follows the crew of Lewis and Clark, who find themselves in a very dangerous situation after discovering the Event Horizon, a ship that disappeared while traveling to Neptune.

In 2047, a crew of astronauts is sent to rescue survivors after the “Event Horizon,” a missing spaceship that appears in orbit around Neptune, surfaces.

They discover that the Event Horizon was a testbed for an experimental engine that ruptured the space-time continuum and abandoned our cosmos entirely, enabling an evil force to control it.

If you want to watch some horror movies with shape shifting alien and dangerous creatures, this film is a must-watch.

The Blob(1988)

Chuck Russell’s “The Blob” is a retelling of 1958’s first Steve McQueen film, and it concerns what happens when high school students discover a deadly substance.

On that count, “The Blob” was not made to receive praise but rather to provide solid B-movie thrills, and it does so in a sea of effects-driven mayhem.

It’s a terrible horror film about a deadly blob that launches a top-secret government germ warfare program and consumes everyone in its path. Teens try to warn the villagers but nobody cares.

If you are a fan of john carpenter’s classic “The Thing,” you will enjoy “The Blob.”

Leviathan (1989)

“Leviathan” came in 1989; it stars Peter Weller, Richard Crenna, and Amanda Pays. The film follows the story when the underwater deep-sea miners who encounter a Soviet wreck and bring back a dangerous cargo to their ocean floor with catastrophic consequences.

The mining base’s crew struggles to survive against a genetic oddity that is systematically hunting them down one by one.

The deadly creature in the movie results from a Soviet experiment that has gone wrong.

“Leviathan” is a distinguished movie for sci-fi and horror movies fans. It’s a suspenseful film that will keep you stuck to your seat until the end. This weekend, turn on your TV to watch movies like “The Thing.”

Horror movies like “The Thing” provide an exciting and unique perspective on the fear of an unknown deadly creature. By presenting a scenario in which an alien life form is let loose on a group of people, these movies force us to confront our deepest fears about what we don’t understand.

In addition, the best of these films also offer up a healthy dose of suspense and scares, making them well worth watching for any horror fan.

If you’re looking for another movie like “The Thing,” check out these other titles on this list. You’re sure to find something that will keep you up all night long. We regularly update the list by adding more movies, be sure to check back again soon!


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