These two not only want the same girl, but they’re enemies in the Grimm world. Mason is a “snake dude” (according to Monroe), while Marty is a meek, harmless mouse. When their paths cross, it’s not pretty.

How cool was the snake? With the rubbery surface, and the details in the scales — this show at least has an impressive costume/makeup department.

The mouse and the snake are suspects with bodies are stabbed and left in the dumpster.

Somebody’s Watching

Juliette notices a truck in front of her and and Nick’s house, and the woman in it is taking photographs. Instead of letting Nick (the cop, Juliette, remember?) handle the situation, she goes off to the house, which was tracked down by the license plate number she smartly wrote down.

Juliette tries to be sly, but her cover is blown — the woman, who was playing outside with her children, quickly has fear in her eyes and takes the kids back into the house.

Set Up

While Nick is over his house, Monroe gets a call from a potential watch customer. And he’s so excited about it. When he gets to the house, though, it turns out to be some bad guys, who beat up poor Monroe! No! It turns out the bad guys did that to send Nick a message. I’m interested to see where this story line is headed.

Daddy Issues

I honestly felt like Marty was just lost. It might have been that face that looks like he couldn’t hurt a fly. All he wanted was to get away, and not you know — kill people. He’s 40, never been married and pretty much had to take care of his father for a very long time. Nick and Hank are able to solve the crime when they go over to Marty’s house and find his father dead.

It’s Official Now

Nick’s face when he opens the door to Monroe’s house to see the beaten-up man was priceless. The way he plays the overprotective cop (brother-type) and demanding answers to the culprits brought a smile to my face. They love each other. That’s already been established, right? I’ll never get tired of these two interact.

Did you enjoy this episode? I had a hard time following along because it didn’t keep my interest. There seemed to me more secondary characters than I’m used to, and those characters had way too much screen time that it felt like they were just fillers. One thing I noticed about this show that I feel compelled to comment about is the hot awesome the mood lighting is. Anybody else notice that?

What this episode did do though is set up future story lines with Juliette and Monroe. I’ll take this episode, if the pay-off is bigger.

Well, the show is on break, so we’ll check in again in two weeks with an all new episode.

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