Agent Carter‘s “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance” show Whitney getting desperate. She tries to convince Wilkes to work with her, and when he gets all the Zero Matter, she’s determined to steal it all from him. Now it’s everyone against Whitney. But can she be stopped?

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Will Ana Make It?

Agent Carter‘s “The Edge of Mystery” begins with a flashback. A year ago, Ana eavesdrops on Jarvis talking on the phone with Peggy. This is the first she hears of Peggy. He says Howard respects Peggy and promises that Ana has nothing to worry about. “Ms. Carter won’t interfere in our lives in the least,” he says. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she replies. You don’t even know, Ana.

Back in the present, an absolutely devastated and broken Jarvis is staying by Ana’s bedside. Ana’s out of surgery, but she hasn’t woken up yet, so Peggy goes to get some stuff for Jarvis while he stays with her.

Jarvis loses it more and more throughout the episode. He promises her everything if she wakes up and she finally does. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she says. He gets the doctor and calls Peggy. But there’s a problem. They can’t have children now. Jarvis doesn’t tell Ana, though.

Will Wilkes Work with Whitney?

Wilkes wakes up handcuffed, while Whitney studies him and takes notes on him. She asks what happens when he vanishes, but he tries to stall for time until he can disappear. But Whitney wants to work together. If she’s close to him, he’ll draw Zero Matter from her and become solid again. And he can’t control it. Then Whitney asks if he can hear “the voice.” It turns out he hears the voice too. This can’t be good.

Peggy meets up with Sousa and tells him what happened, while he fills her in on Vernon Masters’ mission to get the uranium rods for Whitney. Peggy wants to pretend to give them over so they can get Wilkes back. He suggests going to Joseph Manfredi. “He’s a man in love,” Sousa says.

So they go to Manfredi’s restaurant. When his men don’t let them in, they beat them up. That gets his attention. They want Manfredi to deliver a message. Sousa finally threatens Manfredi and says he’ll tell a criminal who’s getting out of prison that Manfredi turned over evidence against him even though he didn’t. So Manfredi agrees to talk to Whitney.

Wilkes looks at Whitney’s research and they argue over whether the Zero Matter is a gift or a curse. Whitney says Wilkes can control it if he accepts it and the voice will guide him. It looks like Wilkes is heading over to the dark side. They’re rudely interrupted, though, when Manfredi shows up and says that Peggy will give her the uranium rods if she gets Wilkes back unharmed. And they have a deal.

Samberly helps Sousa and Peggy fake some uranium. They’re about to head out when Jarvis shows up and he wants in. They’re distracted, though, when Howard Stark sends a message of design specifications for something that will eliminate Zero Matter. Samberly stays behind to work on it, and the rest are about to head out when Thompson shows up. He threatens Peggy, but she just leaves.

Finally, it’s time for the exchange. They almost make it, but Manfredi’s men drop the uranium rods and nothing happens, so Whitney knows they’re fake. Luckily, Peggy, Wilkes and the others get away.

While they run from Whitney and the others, Peggy tells Wilkes about the Gamma cannon they’re building. Suddenly, Wilkes pulls a gun on Peggy and demands the rods. Of course, Whitney got to him. When Wilkes threatens Peggy, Sousa tells him where the rods are. He disappears through the truck’s wall and goes with Whitney.

Thompson on a Mission

Thompson had gone off to London. He meets up with an old school friend and asks him to steal a file for him. It’s completely redacted, but Thompson has a device so he can read it, and it’s all about Peggy.

Before Peggy leaves for his mission, Thompson shows Peggy her file and says that he won’t tell anyone about her war crimes if she drops her mission and comes back to New York. She says the file is a forgery and she wouldn’t reveal his secret. He didn’t need anything on her.

Thompson then shows Vernon Masters the file and says he’s not sure it’s true. Masters says that an official file is true regardless of what happened. Vernon gets a call and kicks Thompson out, but he eavesdrops on the conversation and hears him talking to Whitney. Finally, Thompson comes to his senses and tells Vernon he can’t let him take the uranium. Unfortunately, when Peggy and Sousa show up, Thompson’s memory has been wiped and the uranium is gone. They figure out that Thompson had written coordinates to Whitney, though.

Can Wilkes and Whitney Reopen the Rift?

Though Peggy and Sousa don’t trust him, Thompson demands to come. Before they leave, Sousa tells Peggy that Wilkes is hostile and desperate. He’s not a hostage anymore and they have to treat it that way. He’s nervous that Peggy’s feelings will get in the way. Peggy points out that Sousa’s feelings got in the way when Wilkes threatened to kill her.

Samberly and Rose, meanwhile, say their goodbyes and Jarvis asks Rose to look after Ana while he’s gone. He even gives her his will. Finally, they all head out and it’s clear Jarvis doesn’t have his head on straight. He’s out for revenge.

Whitney, Wilkes and the others, meanwhile, are getting ready to recreate the initial Zero Matter experiment. Whitney insists it will work because the voice in their head says it will. And it does! The rift opens and Wilkes can hear a voice in it, but Whitney doesn’t hear anything. Then Wilkes starts to float into the rift! “What about me? Take me! It’s supposed to be me!” Whitney screams.

Peggy wants to use the Gamma cannon to close the rift. Jarvis is pissed, though. He wants to go after Whitney, so he takes off. While Peggy chases Jarvis, Samberly, Thompson and Sousa shoot the Gamma cannon at the rift. It disappears and Wilkes falls to the ground. Jarvis and Peggy get there and Jarvis shoots Whitney. The problem? Both Whitney and Wilkes are alive. Whitney decides that they need to keep Peggy and Jarvis alive, though, so Wilkes will do what she wants.

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Peggy’s Weird Dream

“A Little Song and Dance” starts with Peggy dreaming in black and white. She comes across her brother Michael. She says this is all his fault, but he says she’s doing exactly what she wants.

Peggy starts dreaming in color again and sees Angie! Peggy says she doesn’t know what she wants, and Wilkes turns around and says she might want him. She might want Sousa too, though. He shows up and starts singing to her. Suddenly, everyone’s singing. Even Dottie. And Peggy learns that what she’s going to do is all up to her. She just needs to decide. Finally, Jarvis shows up and tells her to wake up and Rose punches her, and Peggy wakes up tied up in the back of a truck. Jarvis is there too, of course.

Thompson Takes Charge

Samberly, Thompson and Sousa finally realize that something’s wrong. Plus, they’re stranded in the desert. To make matters worse, an SSR car randomly shows up. Masters sent some people to deal with them, but Thompson has his own plan.

They pretend that they have Thompson hostage. The men pull their guns on them, and Thompson convinces them he’s on their side. So they drag Sousa and Samberly into the car.

They lock Sousa and Samberly up, but Masters is pissed. His men were supposed to kill them. Thompson says Sousa and Samberly can fix the Gamma cannon so Masters can use it on Whitney. Sousa even promises not to go after Masters if they take Whitney down. Masters agrees. But this was Sousa, Samberly and Thompson’s plan all along.

Will Peggy and Jarvis Escape?

Peggy’s seriously pissed at Jarvis. They’re trapped in that truck because of him and she has to figure out a way to fix this. Peggy manages to get them out of the truck and plans to walk out of the desert. Jarvis isn’t exactly grateful.

Wilkes, meanwhile, wakes up and can tell that something’s wrong with him. He says there was only blackness in the rift and he doesn’t know why he came back. There’s obviously something wrong with him and he’s convinced he’s not safe around people. He doesn’t want to go back to the city, so Whitney tries to blackmail him by threatening Peggy, but she and Jarvis are gone! Manfredi shoots his man for his mistake and threatens Wilkes.

While they wander around the desert, Peggy and Jarvis fight. Jarvis was selfish for shooting Whitney. Peggy was selfish for saving Dottie. Peggy says she’s not a murderer like Jarvis, but Jarvis says everyone around her dies. Peggy then says that Jarvis goes on Peggy’s missions and acts like they’re just adventures and then goes to another man’s home. When there are consequences to his actions, he blames Peggy. Jarvis doesn’t know loss, but Peggy does. Finally, Jarvis admits that Ana can’t have children and says that he’s sorry. And just like that, a truck shows up.

They pretend that Peggy is unconscious when Manfredi’s men show up. They fight the men and steal the truck, but instead of going after Whitney, Peggy tells Jarvis he needs to be with his wife.

Whitney’s Big Experiment

Whitney and Manfredi have recreated a lab and strapped Wilkes down. He begs them to bring him back to the desert. He wants to get rid of the Zero Matter, and that’s what Whitney wants too. She wants to take it from him. This is not going to go well for Wilkes.

Will Thompson Betray the Group?

Finally, Peggy’s back. She barges into the office and starts punching Masters in the face, demanding to know where Sousa and the others are, but Sousa and Thompson show up and fill Peggy in on their plan. She’s not pleased that Masters is involved. But they all have dirt on each other. They’re all at a stalemate, and if one goes down they’re taking the others down with them.

Whitney’s been demanding the Gamma cannon, though, so Thompson volunteers to go see her and get more time while they fix it. Whitney’s basically drilling into Wilkes’ chest, but nothing works on him. She’s called away, though, when Thompson shows up. He says they’re fixing the cannon at the SSR and that Masters is going to use the cannon on her! He wants to give her the cannon to use on Masters instead because he wants a seat on the council.

Peggy knew what Thompson was doing, but she still thinks he’s up to something. Finally, it’s time to fight Whitney. And already, things start to go wrong. Sousa and Peggy are supposed to be backup, but their car won’t start. Vernon sabotaged the car and Thompson won’t answer the radio. They go to Samberly, who tells them that Thompson told him to turn the Gamma cannon into a bomb. Now Whitney, Wilkes and everyone else might die.

Jarvis Finally Comes Clean

While Peggy and the others are planning against Whitney, Jarvis is taking care of Ana. She asks about what’s going on with the others, but he deflects. She says Jarvis needs to go help Peggy because he’s all Peggy has. Before he goes, Jarvis finally comes clean about the fact that she can’t have kids.

Will Peggy Save the Day?

Peggy wants to go into the lab to save Wilkes despite the fact that the bomb can go off at any time. She breaks in while Thompson and Masters deliver the cannon. Peggy tries to free Wilkes and says that he’s not himself, but he wants to stay so no one else will get hurt and says he did everything under his own volition.

Thompson threatens Masters, while Wilkes tricks Peggy and locks her out of the building. He says he’s ready for this to end. Suddenly, Zero Matter scars start covering his body. Outside, Samberly finishes a device to turn off the bomb. Thompson leaves Whitney to deal with Masters and tries to detonate the bomb, but it doesn’t work thanks to Samberly’s device. Thompson gets Samberly to fix the bomb, but Peggy pulls her gun on him.

In the end, Wilkes stumbles into the office with Whitney and Masters, and explodes into Zero Matter.

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