Date Of Birth

July 23rd


Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is not only talented and skillful, he is also the Academy heartthrob. He is very quiet, but expresses his opinions when he feels like it. Naruto is usually the object of his ridicule and insults, which is why Naruto is often extremely annoyed with him. However, Sasuke has spent most of his young life trying to impress his father. His father always downplays his achievements in and out of the Academy and often praises Sasuke’s older brother, Itachi. Sasuke holds great resentment for his brother, taking sibling rivalry into a more dangerous level. His special techniques are “Barrage of Lions” and “Fire Styles” jutsu, and Chidori

Sasuke is one of the heirs of the legendary family clan, Uchiha, and is best in his class in ninja techniques. As Naruto’s bestfriend, squad member and rival, Sasuke is adored by all the girls because of his cool demeanor and unpredictable fighting skills, but Sasuke’s only main interest in on avenging his family clan.


Place of Birth


Birth Name

Sasuke Uchiha



Fun Facts

Sasukes favorite color is black.
Naruto is his bestfriend but greatest rival.
Sasuke will avenge his clans death by killing his older brother Itachi.
He doesn’t like or love anyone.
Sasuke was born in the Uchiha clan
Sasuke is always trying to stay alive in order to kill his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. Then he may go out and revive his clan.




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Advenging ninja




“I am an avenger, vengence is mine!”
“What a loser…”
“I won’t lose to him…”
“My name is Sasuke Uchiha…I hate a lot of things and I don’t particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream because I will make it a reality – I will restore my clan…and destroy a certain…someone…”
“You’re not hurt are you scardy cat.”
“You’re such an idiot!”