American actor Robert Carradine was born on March 24, 1954 in Hollywood, California. The son of Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor John Carradine, he has appeared in numerous television series and movies, though he’s most famous for his role as Lewis Skolnick in The Revenge of the Nerds film series. Though probably overshadowed by his brother Keith and half-brother David, Robert Carradine has been applauded for his many performances. He played a high school student alongside his father in Massacre at Central High in 1976, and made his film debut in the John Wayne western film The Cowboys. He has also participated in the short-lived series based on the movie.

Robert Carradine made himself known to viewers as a killer in the Martin Scorsese film Mean Streets, where he acted with David. His long list of credentials include work in The Long Riders in 1980, episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone, and 1989’s Rude Awakening. He became known for playing the father of the title character in the Disney comedy series Lizzie McGuire. He was cast as Sam McGuire alongside Hillary Duff, Jake Thomas, and Hallie Todd. Some of his other works include roles in The Tommyknockers, ER, 1995’s Bird of Prey, and Lois & Clark. Carradine was given roles in The Practice and Nash Bridges, but his work is mostly on made-for-TV movies. He has worked on other Disney productions, like Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire and Max Keeble’s Big Movie, in addition to reprising his role in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. He soon found himself accepting parts in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and the 2008 films Deep Winter and The 13th Alley. Robert Carradine was also seen in Ghosts of Mars, 2005’s Supercross with Aaron Carter, Sophia Bush and Mike Vogel, and in the thriller Tooth & Nail.

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Robert Carradine