Date Of Birth

15 June 1998


Rachel Covey is a child actress. She was born on the 15th of June in 1998. Her first major role was a Kate in the movie Duane Hopwood (2005) alongside John Krasinski and Janeane Grofalo. She played the estranged daughter of the lead character played by David Schwimmer. He divorces from his wife, played by Janeane Grofalo and due to some legal trouble, loses touch with her and her child, Kate, played by Rachel Covey. It’s the story of one man’s fight to regain his life.

Her second major role came in 2007 where she played alongside Amy Adams in the live-action fairy tale Enchanted. Covey plays Morgan Philip, daughter of Robert Philip played by the romantic lead Patrick Dempsey. Her role led to a nomination for Best Performance in a Feature Film by a Young Actress age Ten or Younger at the Young Artist Awards.

She recently talked to Animal Fair. She interviewed with her cat named Cupcake. She enjoys filming Cupcake doing things and then narrates over the video footage. She calls it CuppyMovies. Her other cat is named Cookie. She’s a big supporter of Animal Rescues. Her father didn’t even want her to have pets, but he finally gave in after all her daughter’s hard work. When she grows up she hopes to have a lot more cats. Rachel also hopes to be a veterinarian so that she can help animals for a living. She’s proven time and time again to be an animal lover.

Covey has said that she was scared of villain Susan Sarandon on the set of Enchanted. It took the make-up artists over 6 hours to put Sarandon in the Queen Narissa make-up. The only way they got the two to take a picture together was because Sarandon let Rachel hold her dog.

She’s been very sensible about her newfound fame and simply plans on saving all her money in the bank.