Date Of Birth

7 November 1990


In the 5th season of Australian Idol in 2007, Matthew John “Matt” Corby, born November 7, 1990, hit the stage as the runner-up to Natalie Gauci.

After being the last person to audition for the show in Sydney, New South Wales, he was selected as one of the final 24. Corby’s performance the next night earned him the first spot in the top 12. Matt’s performance of the Beatles song “Got to Get You into My Life” during the top 12 round resulted in him being the first person of the series to earn one of Mark Holden’s coveted “touchdowns.” In following performances, Corby received two more touchdowns and was voted into the Final 2 on the 12th of November along with Natalie Gauci.

At Kings Cross studio in Sydney, Corby and Gauci recorded “Here I Am,” the winner’s single. Corby performed this selection again at the show’s Grand Finale but fell shot in the final contest to Gauci. However, after the show’s completion, Corby did accompany Gauci on her Winner Journey’s Tour and had his own 45-minute performance. Though SonyBMG discussed signing Corby into a recording contract, the company chose to give Corby time and not rush him into a contract. The company’s decision to not sign Corby immediately was also negatively influenced by the mere brief success of Casey Donovan, the winner of Australian Idol’s second season. However, SonyBMG did state that once Corby had been given time and space to develop his own musical style, the company would reconsider a contract.