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Jacklyn Zeman, who was born on March 6, 1953 in Englewood, New Jersey, is best known for playing Barbara Jean “Bobbie” Spencer on General Hospital. After completing her high school education at the age of 15 in Bergenfield, New Jersey, where she was raised, she entered New York University on a dance scholarship. Her television credits include The Edge of Night, One Life to Live and Chicago Hope. Zeman also appeared in movies such as National Lampoon’s Class Reunion and Deep Throat Part 2. She was also featured in the mini-series The Day the Music Died.

Barbara Jean “Bobbie” Spencer is portrayed by Jacklyn Zeman on the soap opera, General Hospital. Bobbie is the daughter of Tim Spencer and Lena Eckert and is the sister of Luke Spencer. During her teenage years, she was a wild hooker who later got pregnant with John Durant. She gave up her daughter, Carly, for adoption because she could not raise her on her own. A few years later she cleaned up her mess and became a nurse. Her old ways still seemed apparent though, because she continued to lie and scheme through her relationships with men such as Scotty Baldwin, Noah Drake and Roy DiLucca. Carly later returned to Port Charles in a mission to steal Tony away from Bobbie. She never told the truth that she was Bobbie’s daughter, until after a few years when the two finally reconciled and formed a mother-daughter bond.

Place of Birth

Englewood New Jersey

Birth Name

Jacklyn Zeman



Fun Facts

Jackie is left handed


SOD award for best vilianous




Jackie or red