Date Of Birth

December 22, 1982


Canadian actress Brooke Nevin was born on December 22, 1982 in Toronto, Ontario. The daughter of retired ice hockey player Bob Nevin, she started acting in the late 1990s, first as a guest in the series Jonovision. She made her film debut in 1998, playing a minor role in the independent release Short for Nothing. She first gained prominence, however, in 1998, when she joined the cast of the teen series Animorphs. Taken from the book series of the same name, it revolves around people with the ability to morph into certain animals and mimic their fighting style; she plays fashionista gymnast Rachel.

When the program ended its run in 2000, Nevin started doing guest roles on numerous television shows. Some of her appearances include those for The Famous Jett Jackson, Doc, Skin, Without a Trace, Charmed, Smallville, and Supernatural. She also starred in several television movies. In 2004, Nevin joined the cast of the hit science fiction series The 4400, where she played the role of Nikki Hudson, the girlfriend of Danny Farrell (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) before his brother Shawn (Patrick Flueger) returned.

When the show ended its three-year run in 2007, Nevin appeared in several films, including One of Our Own, The Comebacks and The Perfect Suspect. She also made some guest appearances in television shows such as My Boys, Grey’s Anatomy, Eli Stone and Imaginary Bitches. In 2010, she was cast as Julianne in A&E’s Breakout Kings.

Place of Birth

Toronto, Ontario

Birth Name

Brooke Candice Nevin



Fun Facts

– She speaks fluent French.

– She was educated at Leaside High School in Toronto.

– Her father, Robert (‘Bob) Nevin, is a retired hockey player who played for 4 teams, including New York Rangers (as a Captain), Toronto Maple Leafs and Los Angeles Kings. Her mother’s name is Monique and she has a younger sister named Kaleigh.


2011: Cookie (short)
2011: Breakout Kings (TV series) – Julianne
2010: Call Me Fitz (TV series) – Sonja Lester/Sonja
2010: The League (TV series) – Lily
2010: ‘Til Death (TV series) – Kelly
2010: How I Met Your Mother (TV series) – Amanda
2009: NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (TV series) – Rachael Sparks
2008-2009: Imaginary Bitches (TV series) – Brooke/Brooke – Eden’s best friend
2008-2009: Worst Week (TV series) – Chloe
2009: Come Dance at My Wedding (TV movie) – Cyd Merriman
2009: Catherine & Annie (TV movie) – Lauren
2009: My Suicide – Sierra Silver
2009: Infestation – Sara
2008: My Name Is Earl (TV series) – Kimmi’s Daughter
2008: Eli Stone (TV series) – Molly Foster
2008: Sherman’s Way – Addy
2007: Grey’s Anatomy (TV series) – Tricia Hale
2007: The Comebacks – Michelle Fields
2007: One of Our Own – Marie
2007: Gravity (TV movie)
2006: My Boys (TV series) – Traci
2006: A Daughter’s Conviction (TV movie) – Jo Hansen
2004-2006: The 4400 (TV series) – Nikki Hudson
2006: I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (video) – Amber Williams
2006: Comeback Season – Christine Pearce
2006: Everwood (TV series) – Ellie
2005: Supernatural (TV series) – Katherine
2005: Smallville (TV series) – Buffy Sanders
2005: Head Cases (TV series) – Madeline Barton
2005: Charmed (TV series) – Hope
2005: Without a Trace (TV series) – Nell Clausen
2004: A Very Cool Christmas (TV movie) – Lindsay Dearborn
2004: Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (TV series) – Diana Music
2003: Skin (TV series) – Roxy
2002: Seriously Weird (TV series) – Claudia Marinelli
2002: I Love Mummy (TV series) – Brenda Hadley
2002: Guilty Hearts (TV movie) – Missy Carrow
2001: Loves Music, Loves to Dance (TV movie) – Anne Sheridan
2001: Doc (TV series) – Blair
2001: In a Heartbeat (TV series) – Lissa
2001: Haven (TV movie) – Terri Sayles
2000: The Famous Jett Jackson (TV series) – Cherilee
1999: Twice in a Lifetime (TV series) – Young Katie
1998-1999: Animorphs (TV series) – Rachel Berenson
1999: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV series) – Dani
1998: Running Wild (TV movie) – Angela Robinson
1998: Short for Nothing – Dawn/Daughter
1997: Goosebumps (TV series) – Erin Wright
1996: Jonovision (TV series) – Little Miss Muffet


5′ 4.5″ (1.64 m)


– “My mom and I have a blast, she goes into convulsions when we watch Candid Camera.”

– “Find something you’re really interested in that you won’t get tired of; research it, get into it.”

– “In high school I was afraid of everything! I was afraid about making friends, all the cliques, I was really afraid because I switched from the gifted program to French immersion program. I didn’t know how [the kids in that program] would treat me, because they’d been together for six years, so I was afraid of not fitting in.”