Don’t take off those seatbelts quite yet, Timeless fans. The Lifeboat might have another trip left in her after all.

Straight from the minds of Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield), Timeless sent fans rocketing through American history with Wyatt (Matt Lanter), Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett.) An unexpected trio, our heroes were tasked with keeping the timeline safe from Rittenhouse, a pervasive force that had our nation’s legacy in the crosshairs. Well, that was their job, right up until NBC canceled the sci-fi romp on Wednesday.

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Now, however, creators and actors alike are putting their faith in Sony’s plan to find Timeless a new network. 

“Odds are long, but trying to find another home,” Kripke tweeted.

Ryan later expanded upon his update, forwarding the hashtag #ResucitateTimeless.

“Sony will look for another outlet,” Ryan wrote. “Don’t know the viability of that, but know there’s intense fan love.”

But where could Timeless land? Other channels certainly are an option, including NBC affiliates Syfy and USA. In this day and age, however, it is more likely that Sony will turn towards a streaming platform. Of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, viewers should turn their attention to the latter, if only because the series already has a place on the site. Once a deal is in place with one service, it can throw a wrench in any plans to revive a canceled show as original content courtesy of another streaming giant. 

Hulu’s early season 1 episodes are beginning to expire though, which means there may not be a long-term deal in place. Considering the phenomenal job Hulu has done with A Handmaid’s Tale and its ability to roll out episodes on a staggered timeline, we’d be more than happy to see Timeless join the lineup. The gritty post-apocalyptic world of 12 Monkeys could use a counterpoint. 

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As Hannibal fans know full well, resuscitating a show is an uphill battle, no matter how beloved it might be. Also axed by the peacock network, Bryan Fuller’s gorgeous interpretation of the cannibal’s early days failed to secure a new outlet back in 2015, in part because of a streaming deal with Amazon Prime. Other series, like Nashville, have faired better. Some have even found a middle ground, like Constantine (another NBC drama, interestingly enough.) Matt Ryan‘s Liverpudlian dark arts master dabbler will live on in a CW Seed animated web series.

Are you bummed by Timeless‘ cancelation? Do you think it has a chance of moving to a new outlet? Sound off in the comments below!

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