An overwhelming response to the CW’s series cancellations yesterday compels us to carve out a couple words about one of our favorite shows, The Tomorrow People; what we love and what we will miss the most. The 22 episode freshman season ended just when a whole new phase of life was about to begin for psionics, synergists and humans alike. 

Most alluring about The Tomorrow People is that their characters are sympathetic, the dialog is at once amusing (“Let me get on my ‘p’ for pants”–favorite line) and then clever, the universe is rich and well thought out, and the mythology is as believable as any other scifi universe out there, if not more. Plus, the special affects are super fun, Cara’s wardrobe is fantastic and there’s enough relationship drama and fluff to keep any fangirl coming back week after week.

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Here are the 9 things we’ll miss most from CW’s The Tomorrow People:

#9 Their Reflection of True Burgeoning Adulthood 

The Tomorrow People‘s portrayal of young people discovering their super powers and then struggling to find their place touches many hearts with how accurately (in a science fiction way) it reflects the struggle to navigate the world while emerging from the chrysalis of childhood. Stephen, Cara, John, Astrid, Hillary and Russell’s discovery of new powers and freedoms–both which come with a hefty price–mirror our own as we first (and continue) to explore our environment while deciding who we will be in this world. The Tomorrow People universe is explicit in its exaggeration of that coming-of-age experience made more compelling by the indeterminacy of good and evil. Wonderful to witness is the vacillation of the good and bad mirage. One can never tell which is which … as very frequently happens in real life. Even more startling is the portrayal of these characters struggling with which of their principles are negotiable.

#8 The Cool Special Effects

Man, don’t you love it when Stephen and John pop in and out of scenes? Especially during fights. How awesome would it have been to have those powers while growing up? Just imagine what we’d save on gas bills. Many of us dream of being able to fly like Superman, but I bet we’d be just as happy with teleportation. Oh, personal favorite: being able to stop bullets, and then watch them fall to the ground. #SuperCool



#7 The Constant Discovery of New Powers

We knew Stephen was a synergist like his father and that he could stop time. What we didn’t know until the eleventh hour of The Tomorrow People series finale, “Son of Man,” was that Stephen could reverse time. Imagine what could happen next. 

The discovery of the DNA evolution that makes TTPs what they are; this was a biggy. Now we’ll never know how that will end up working for humans and what it could actually do to TTPs. And, does that DNA have anything to do with allowing TTPs to kill? Could it make TTPs even stronger and is that how Jedikiah plans to create his Super Soldiers? Wait … aren’t they already doing that on Arrow? I digress.

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#6 The New Breakouts

Almost every episode of The Tomorrow People introduced a new breakout. It brought variety to the show and added depth to the main characters by having them interact with the newcomers. And, again, new strength was discovered with the plot twists perpetrated by those newbies.

#5 The Back Story

We were just starting to learn about Marla and Roger! What was their life like before Roger left those ten years ago? What brought him to that point? We have a charcoal sketch of what was going on, but so much was left out there to be explored.

#4 The Hot Leather Duds

Do we really need to say anything more about Cara and Hillary’s great leather coats and hot pants? Or any of the other great leather coats on John and Stephen? What about the sleek dresses when the gang finally went out? Delish. 


#3 The Beautiful People

The characters are well portrayed with compassionate souls and struggling hearts, but one cannot overlook how physically alluring they all were. 

A moment of quiet reflection upon Stephen’s wonderful physical attributes which the CW so generously shared with us. Oh, my my. What an attractive young man! And how about John’s dreamy scruffy face, Astrid’s dark curls and shining eyes (not to mention her beautiful smile), Cara’s sleek figure and all around perfection. And Hillary. She got more and more beautiful with each episode, both inside and out.These people were a joy to watch. 


#2 The Great Jedikiah Mystery

We love him. We hate him. We love him. We hate him. He’s good. No, he’s bad. No, he loves his family and wants to protect them. No, he’s a self-absorbed narcissist who thinks the world owes him the powers it gave Roger and will stop at nothing to get them. Every week it could have gone either way. And what about Morgan? What will happen with their child? Jedikiah was perhaps the most interesting character in the entire cast. He will be missed.

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#1 The Relationship Merry Go Round

How fun was it to examine who was best suited for whom in this show? It could have gone may ways. Astrid and Stephen? Cara and John? John and Astrid? Cara and Stephen? Stephen and Hillary? Russell and Natalie? Russel or someone else altogether? The dynamics of each of these pairings were only beginning to unfold. The best chemistry we saw was between two couples: Hillary and Stephen and John and Cara. 

Hillary and Stephen shared an electric attraction that translated into hotness in the boudoir, but it lacked depth and a good basis for an enduring relationship … though from what we saw in the last couple of episodes this surely could have developed…if she hadn’t been killed off!

As fresh as a spring breeze, John and Astrid’s connection was like that between a magnet and steel, in my own personal opinion. It was gradual, but based upon an honest belief in and support of the other person. It was also very, very sweet. 

Also refreshing was the solid friendship between Astrid and Stephen. What a joy to see two people so fiercely loyal and caring of each other. Theirs was an honest and platonic relationship … but again there was a hint of chemistry. Who knows what Tomorrow would have brought? 

The Tomorrow People, you will be missed!

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Catherine Cabanela

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV