Thanksgiving might supposedly be about getting together with family and/or friends to celebrate things you’re thankful for but really there is a whole other reason for the holiday. It is all about food, eating lots and lots of food. There is no holiday where it is more socially acceptable to stuff your face than Thanksgiving. However you feel about Thanksgiving, here are seven TV characters who probably love it more and can most definitely out-eat you.

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Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

When thinking about TV characters and family dinners, Lorelai Gilmore should immediately pop into everyone’s mind. The only excuse for not thinking of Lorelai is that you have not seen Gilmore Girls, which is no excuse at all because the show is excellent. Family dinners and eating are about as important to the show (and Lorelai) as talking fast and having a strong relationship between a mother and daughter. Lorelai’s favorite part of Thanksgiving might be the coffee post-dessert, but still, her appetite is formidable. Lorelai also knows exactly how to navigate the awkward family discussions that Thanksgiving is bound to bring up, having years of experience with her own parents. Behind a dining room table is one of the places where Lorelai Gilmore thrives. 

Barry Allen – The Flash

The worst part of Thanksgiving is inevitable drowsy hangover that accompanies stuffing your face with turkey. When you’re the fastest man alive, like Barry Allen, that is not a problem. By being The Flash, Barry isn’t just allowed to run at incredible speeds, his metabolism is also incredibly fast. Barry can eat, eat and eat some more and never lost his stick-figure-like body shape. For that reason, Barry loves eating almost as much as he loves saving the world from supervillains. Barry can turn a marathon Thanksgiving dinner into a sprint, literally.

Joey Tribbiani – Friends

Considering the fact that over its 10 seasons on the air, Friends always had a Thanksgiving-themed episode each year, it would be a travesty not to include at least one character from the show on this list. Joey is the easiest and most obvious pick. Joey’s voracious appetite on Thanksgiving was a source of constant jokes and amusement on Friends. He once ate an entire turkey by himself as the plot of a Thanksgiving episode. Likely no one reading this has shown the same dedication and love for Thanksgiving as Joey Tribbiani. 

Bob Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

When you spend your entire day cooking as a part of your job, Thanksgiving might seem like more of a chore than a holiday. This not the case for Bob Belcher on Bob’s Burgers. Though Bob owns and runs a restaurant with his family, Thanksgiving is nothing less than an obsession for him. Things usually go terribly wrong for Bob because he belongs to an animated comedy, but he never stops trying have the perfect Thanksgiving meal. There is no character who enjoys cooking turkey more than Bob Belcher. You might like Thanksgiving but it is highly doubtful you’ve ever had an elaborate and trippy Thanksgiving dream like Bob Belcher.

James Aubrey – Bones 

Aubrey is another TV character who can eat constantly but still not manage to gain any weight. Unlike Barry Allen, Aubrey doesn’t have super-speed on his side, just “low blood sugar.” Still, Aubrey can put food away with the best of them. There is another reason, though, that Aubrey probably loves Thanksgiving more than you. It gives him a chance to interact with the people closest to him. Aubrey might be a food-eating machine but he is also a gigantic softie. Aubrey is undoubtedly the sweetest thing at a table during Thanksgiving, not yams or any kind of dessert. 

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Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Dean Winchester has three great loves in his life. They are hunting, pornography and, the greatest of love of them all, pie. While Dean loves food of all shapes, sizes and varieties, there is a special place in his heart (and stomach) for pie. There is no holiday where it is more acceptable to eat pounds of pies than Thanksgiving. Dean loves pie so much he would likely skip the entire main course of Thanksgiving and dive right into dessert. If it is round and has a crust, Dean Winchester will probably devour it and we will love it. It’s best not to get in Dean’s way when pie is around and not just because he is very good at using a shotgun. 

Kara Danvers – Supergirl

Like fellow superhero Barry Allen, Kara Danvers’ superpowers allow her to constantly eat without ever gaining any weight. Unlike The Flash, though, Supergirl plays up Kara’s love for all things edible at every turn. It is a rare episode that goes by without Kara devouring something with glee. Now that she has broken up with James Olsen, Kara’s greatest love affair on Supergirl probably is with food. The top of Kara’s feeding wish list? Potstickers. While that might be an unconventional Thanksgiving treat, Kara Danvers would most definitely have it at her Thanksgiving and she would absolutely love it. 

So what do you think? Do these characters’ love of food rival your own? Which character would you most like to invite to Thanksgiving dinner? Which characters did we miss who would love Thanksgiving? 

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