As different as everyone’s families are, people seem to fall into the same roles at Thanksgiving dinner every year. We can always count on that one drunk uncle saying something inappropriate, or the cook stressing themselves out. When you sit down to eat this year, look around the table and see if you can find guests who are basically these seven TV show characters.

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1. The One Digging into Dessert Before Dinner Is Served

Thanksgiving-SPN Dean Pie.gif Where there’s Thanksgiving, there’s pie. And where there’s pie, there’s Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester. This badass demon-hunter’s only weakness may be the smell of pie baking in the oven. His love for the dessert has been expressed for years. Thanksgiving will always have a guy like Dean who needs to be banned from the kitchen before dinner time. Don’t leave this guest and the dessert alone in the same room.

2. The One Who Sits Sipping Wine and Judging People

With so many family members reuniting after so long, there are bound to be relatives who don’t get along with each other. Among this group, there’s always that quiet, entitled aunt lurking in the corner, nursing a bottle of wine to herself and making passive comments about all the family’s scandals and controversies over the past year. Have you seen a Lannister dinner go by in Game of Thrones where Cersei didn’t pass judgment on one of her family members? Neither have we.

3. The Cook Who’s Juggling a Million Problems at Once Like a Pro

The person put in charge of making the Thanksgiving feast is usually the most trustworthy family member. You can depend on them not to screw it up. You also turn to them when your drunk uncle won’t stop making inappropriate comments about the girlfriend you brought home for the holidays. This is basically Orange is the New Black‘s Red. Like the inmates depend on her to solve their personal problems as well as keep them well-fed, so does your family look to this guest at your Thanksgiving dinner.

4. The One Sneaking Drinks and Getting Progressively More Drunk

You can always count on one troublemaker at family events to sneak in a flask or subtly grab a bottle from the liquor cabinet. In Pretty Little Liars, there’s hardly been a dance, dinner party or funeral where Hanna hasn’t sneaked a few pulls of alcohol. It doesn’t take long for this Thanksgiving guest to make themselves known either, as they usually wind up getting a little sloppy (like we’ve seen Hanna do).

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5. The One Who Can’t Help but Bring up Politics

One thing we probably shouldn’t do, but usually winds up happening at this holiday is bring up anything political. At a dinner with this many people, there are bound to be at least one or two people at the table who don’t share your political views. Still, there’s inevitably one person at Thanksgiving dinner every year who just has to keep the awkward politics talk going way past the point of being appropriate. Someone like Olivia Pope from Scandal, who will always voice her opinion whenever she wants. There’s no wrong time to argue about these issues in this person’s eyes.

6. The Dad Cracking Corny Jokes All Night

With so much family awkwardness, we can always count on at least one corny dad telling all of his corny dad jokes. Expect to hear lots of turkey, stuffing and yams puns from this guest. Just like Phil Dunphy does in Modern Family, this guest can sometimes make light of some tough situations and can always makes their kids eyes’ roll. The best part about this guest is that they’re likely not even aware of how corny they are, but actually believe people think they’re really cool.

7. The Life of the Party

When things get dull before and after the actual delicious feast, look to this guest to keep things interesting. Whether it be instigating a game of charades in the family room or cranking up the stereo to bust a move so as to gain a few laughs, every holiday needs a guy like Toby from This Is Us. Seeing this guest may be one of the few reasons you look forward to this holiday each year.

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Be sure to watch for these characters and more this Thanksgiving. Can you think of other TV characters who remind you of a stereotypical Thanksgiving guest or situation? Share them with us in the comments below!

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