It’s happening. This is NOT a drill. Brace yourselves, ’90s kids and late-to-the-party binge-watchers. According to TVLine, Friends reunion is actually happening and we can not handle it. NBC has announced that one of television’s biggest sitcoms of all time will reunite the entire cast after 12 years off the air and 22 years since its premiere. Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel will come together for 2 hours of hilarity as a special tribute to the legendary comedic director James Burrows (Cheers, Taxi and of course Friends). As if you needed an excuse, here are 7 reasons to be excited about this Friends reunion.

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1. There Hasn’t Been a Successful Reunion of the Cast Ever

In the 12 years since the show has been off the air, not once has the cast all gotten together again in a public forum. Jimmy Kimmel tried to get a slight reunion together on his show recently (see below), but that had some mixed reviews. Finally, the gang can all get back together and reminisce.

2. We Want Ross and Rachel to Have Actually Made It

Seriously, this was one of the biggest on-again, off-again relationships EVER. We wanted them to work out so badly, but every time they didn’t, it was admittedly hilarious. However, now having a kid together and Rachel giving up her career in Paris for Ross, enough is enough. We need to see that these two dysfunctional people who paved the way for will they/won’t them TV relationships, finally managed to make it work. Surely Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have some opinions on whether the couple succeeded or not.

3. Phoebe’s Trademark Songs

There has got to be a followup to “Smelly Cat” by now, right? It’s been 20 freakin’ years. Phoebe’s songs are a staple of not only Friends, but ’90s culture in general. We’ve missed them. We need to see Lisa Kudrow strap on that guitar and perform once more.

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4. There’s Been a Lack of “Chandler Bing Sarcasm” in our Lives

Chandler was one of the most original comedic characters to bless our screens. His mannerisms, his quick-but-corny wit and general cynicisms are the best and worst qualities in all of us. There’s never been a situation in your life that a Chandler Bing quote wasn’t a perfect reaction to. Matthew Perry, we’ve missed your charm.

5. We’ll Get to Hear the Cast’s Most Treasured Memories From the Show

We all have a special favorite Friends episode that we hold close to our hearts. Since the cast has been majorly silent about the show in the years it’s been off (who can blame them, they’ve had careers to build), it’ll be amazing to have them in a forum where they can talk about what made the show so special to them.

6. We’re Craving a Visit to Central Perk

There hasn’t been a better hangout on TV ever. So much has happened in this little coffee shop. Relationships have begun and ended here. Mothers have reunited with daughters. Countless laughs, countless tears. Not to mention, the infamous bleached-blonde Duncan who runs the joint. It’s not a Friends reunion without some Central Perk coffee.

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7. We Missed Our “Friends”

Is that too corny? Well, too bad. It’s true.They’ve been there for us when the rain started to pour. They’ve been there for us like they’d been there before. They’ve been there for us because we were there for them too.

The 2-hour Friends reunion airs Sunday, February 21 at 9/8c on NBC.

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Kartik Chainani

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV