24: Legacy has a lot to live up. One of the hallmarks of the original series was the feeling that any major character could die at any time. Many have fallen in the line of protecting the country and this week, we get our first sudden and shocking major death.

However, the bigger news is that one of the terrorist sleeper cells gets activated. Carter had better work fast, because an attack is coming soon.

Carter and Grimes’ Rogue Mission

Carter and Grimes go to see Gabriel to try to find the terrorists. Surprisingly, CTU Director Mullins seems to understand that this is their only play, so he offers support even though he was against the idea. But he knows Andy gave them the weapon schematics and effectively suspends him for it.

When Carter and Grimes meet Gabriel, he isn’t too happy. He believes Grimes stole money from him and, in order to do business, he orders Carter to kill Grimes. Carter refuses and Gabriel appreciates his loyalty. Carter passes the test, but Gabriel has one of his men shoot Grimes in the head anyway. RIP Ben Grimes. At least he got to shave off his nasty beard before he died.

What Does Gabriel Know?

Gabriel agrees to work with Carter, who hands him the schematics. But then Carter pulls his gun and holds Gabriel while CTU Agent Locke and his men are called in. There’s a huge gun fight and most of Gabriel’s men are dead. Rather than be questioned, Gabriel kills himself. Luckily Carter and the CTU agents are able to save Gabriel’s computer, which will hopefully (and certainly) contain another breadcrumb to follow.

Henry Gets Questioned

After John uncovered that his father was the one who really leaked the names of the Army Rangers, he informs Rebecca. Nilaa is freed and Henry is arrested, taken to CTU for questioning. Rebecca interrogates him and Henry denies everything John claims he said. John, who is watching, is furious that his dad is lying.

A Sleeper Cell Gets Activated

Terrorist mastermind Jadalla Bin-Khalid’s men have decrypted the contact information for one of the 15 sleeper cells, but he wants to wait until they get all of it before starting the attacks. One of Jadalla’s men disobeys his order and sends out the one sleeper cell activation code anyway. It gets out, but Jadalla kills the guy anyway for going against him.

As for the sleeper cells, Amira and her brother Khasan return home after she killed Drew in order to finalize their terrorist plot. However, their father, who isn’t a part of it, shows up unexpectedly. He knows that his son has become radicalized and wants to stop him. They get into a fight and the siblings tie up their father.

Amira is conflicted about whether they should be tying up their father, but it’s a moot point because the one activation code that got sent out was theirs. Khasan receives it and tells Amira to call in Mr. Harris because their sleeper cell is about to pull off their attack.

Isaac’s Crazy Mole Hunt

After Aisha and Jerome tried to have him killed, Isaac goes a little crazy and wants to know who else in his gang is working with them. He’s scary and Nicole just wants to leave, but she gets roped back into trying to calm Isaac down because her leaving him for Eric is what started Isaac’s descent into drug kingpin madness.

Nicole tries to talk some sense into Isaac, but his paranoia is strong and he pushes her down, accusing her of conspiring against him too. She packs up to leave, but Isaac apologizes and begs her to stay, admitting that she’s right about him. She foolishly agrees to stay.

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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