The biggest question surrounding the end of 24 is what happens to Jack. It’s already been discussed in this space whether he’s destined to walk off in the sunset happily, sadly, or not at all. But there have been other characters embraced by fans who are floating around somewhere in hi-def purgatory. With two hours remaining it’s not realistic (nor likely) that we’ll get resolution on them, but here are five other members of the 24 universe who could use some closure.

1. Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard)

Tony is second only to Jack in terms of popularity with the 24 faithful. Most of us were devastated when he turned and prayed that it was just part of some complex plot. Alas, Bad Tony turned out to be the real deal, and he was ostensibly carted off to prison. It made for good story, but now our last image of Tony is as a traitor. It would be nice to get even a hint that he’s back to the guy we all know and love. 

 2. Audrey Raines (Kim Raver)

While not my first choice, many fans thought she made the best love connection with Jack. Audrey was last seen semi-catatonic thanks to the torture she endured at the hands of the Chinese. Believing that a future for them was not possible, Jack nobly walked away, but it would make a lot of people happy to see Audrey unexpectedly re-enter his life to save him from his personal hell.

3. Martha Logan (Jean Smart)

She and husband Charles provided a fun-house mirror image of original 24 President David Palmer and wife Sherry. With the Logans, Martha was the kind, sympathetic yin to Charles’s vain, power-hungry yang. Wildly popular in her own right, Martha was last seen stabbing her estranged husband in Day 6, and while we can hope, it would be great to know for sure that she is living happily ever after with …

4. Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower)

A loyal Secret Service agent through 24’s numerous administrations, Pierce became Martha’s friend and confidante during the turbulence of Day Five. The relationship took a romantic turn and it was revealed in Day Six that they were a couple, but his brief reappearance in Day Seven implied that they were no longer together. Day Eight broke Aaron’s string of being the only character other than Jack Bauer to appear in every season. The last two hours would be an opportunity to keep the streak intact.

5. Behrooz Araz (Jonathan Ahdout)

The most infamous whatever-happened-to in the history of 24. Whenever another character makes an abrupt disappearance, it’s joked that he or she is off in a safe house with Behrooz. Although the Day 4 DVD has deleted scenes that offer explanations, his whereabouts were never officially addressed during the season.

Anyone you’d like to see one last time? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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