Today was the first ever 24 panel at Comicon, and the producers came out swinging.  Producers Jon Cassar, Manny Coto, Evan Katz and David Fury were all on hand to address fans biggest questions and concerns.  They discussed their opinions on season 6, gave a few details on how season 7 will start, addressed the possibility of the 24 movie, and even hinted that some characters we thought were dead may not be after all.

Read below for all the juiciest bit:

–All four producers agreed that season 6 was a disappointment, a turnaround from the FOX executives who defended the quality of the latest season earlier this week at the Television Critics Association press tour

-Season 7 will, as previously rumored, feature no traces of CTU, it’s completely gone at the start.  Even bigger news is that, when season 7 begins, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) will be called before Senate committee to answer questions about the numerous illegal actions he’s done for the past six season.  It looks like Jack may finally be held accountable for all that torture.  Going off on that tangent, the  producers confirmed season 7 will take place mostly if not entirely in Washington D.C.

–About Charles Logan, they reassured fans that unless you see someone die, they’re probably not dead.  Translation: he’s alive.

-Also possibly alive: Tony Almeida!  Despite dying in season 5 (and getting shot in the neck in season 3), the producers hinted that Tony (and actor Carlos Bernard) could very well return to action.  In fact, they mentioned that a possible cliffhanger for season 6 would have had Jack Bauer, standing on the edge of the rocks as he did, followed by Tony calling out, saying they had a lot to talk about.  The strangest part: they didn’t seem to be joking.

-In regards to the idea of a 24 movie, the producers were rather candid.  They will most likely do it after the final season, otherwise there would be a compromise and they would have to outsource either the show or the film, as they couldn’t handle both.  As for the format, they said the first hour would be just like a regular movie, but that the real-time format would kick in about half-way through.

-Despite his new commitment to Friday Night Lights, the 24 team said it’s likely that Glenn Morshower’s beloved Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce may be back, continuing his track record of being the only character other than Jack to be in every season.

-The producers desperately wanted to cast Donald Sutherland as Jack’s father last season, but couldn’t get the deal to work.

-Oscar Dahl, with John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writers
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