As the weather heats up, the TV season is rapidly cooling down. Soon, aside from some quality summer shows, original programming across the dial will become more scarce. What’s a TV junkie to do? Well, don’t despair! The summer is the perfect time to catch up on all those critical darlings and forgotten gems you just don’t have time for during the regular season.

But how do you know what show is the right summer viewing for your unique and discerning tastes? Well, we’ve thought of that too! If you like some of these current shows, here are some shows streaming on Netflix and Hulu you might also want to give a shot as the weather heats up.

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#20 If You Like: The Vampire Diaries

You Might Like: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why? Way before Elena was torn between vampire brothers Damon and Stefan, Buffy was torn between vampires Angel and Spike. Not only is Buffy a classic and critical darling, it’s also chock full of Joss Whedon’s inspired dialogue, strong characters, and metaphors for how high school can really feel like living in hell. (Find on Netflix and Hulu)

#19 If You Like: Supernatural

You Might Like:Reaper

Why? While Sam and Dean have been riding around in their Impala for years, Reaper lasted only two seasons. Still, the two shows have some common DNA. In both, the protagonists are on the chase to hunt down demons and other creepy ghouls. Only on Reaper it’s because hero Sam’s parents sold his soul to the devil and the big guy with horns has come collecting…and put Sam to work. (Find on Hulu)

If You Like: Supernatural

#18 If You Like: Revolution

You Might Like: Jericho

Why? Like end of the world drama? Then you’ll love Jericho, a show so beloved it managed to survive it’s own doomsday scenario when the show was cancelled and then resurrected thanks to an obsessively dedicated fanbase. (Find on Netflix)

#17 If You Like: Pretty Little Liars

You Might Like: Twin Peaks

Why? Ok, this one might seem a little out there at first, but it really isn’t if you think about it. David Lynch’s TV masterpiece shares more than a little in common with ABC Family’s teen sudser. After all, both are set in mysterious towns where everyone is absolutely insane. And both shows have the murder of a young girl driving all of the craziness. (Find on Netflix and Hulu)

#16 If You Like: Revenge

You Might Like: Gossip Girl

Why? Like your New York drama deliciously scandalous and absolutely ludicrous? Well then, strap in because if you think Emily Thorne can be nasty you certainly haven’t met Blair Waldorf. The latter seasons of Gossip Girl fail more than they succeed, but the delicious decadence of the early seasons are well worth the price of admission. Plus, great (and sometimes just weird) fashion! (Find on Netflix)

#15 If You Like: Nashville

You Might Like: Friday Night Lights

Why? Like your southern drama with a side of Connie Britton? Then check out the excellent Friday Night Lights, which is about a lot more than high school football. Unfortunately, Britton doesn’t get a chance to show off her country pipes though. (Find on Netflix and seasons four and five on Hulu)

#14 If You Like: How I Met Your Mother

You Might Like: Coupling

Why? Both sitcoms are about a group of 30-something friends and the entanglements they face growing up. But what the two shows really have in common is a tendency to play with time and narrative structure. (Find on Netflix and Hulu)

#13 If You Like: Downton Abbey

You Might Like: Upstairs, Downstairs

Why? The drama that surrounds the running of a huge English estate is at the heart of both of these imports. But what sets both shows apart is their emphasis on how the drama below decks can be just as gripping as the glittering problems of the upper crust family they serve. (Find on Netflix)

#12 If You Like: Mad Men

You Might Like: Bomb Girls

Why? If you like period pieces with more than a little feminist flavor, than strap in for Bomb Girls, a series following the lives of women working in a munitions factory during World War II. (Find on Netflix)

#11 If You Like: Elementary

You Might Like: Sherlock

Why? Into Sherlock Holmes? Still reeling from the Elementary season finale? Well don’t worry because you can still hang out with the world’s greatest detective by watching the BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. (Find on Netflix)

#10 If You Like: Girls

You Might Like: Louie

Why? Both Louie and Girls are the sole brainchild of their creators, who also write, act, and sometimes even direct. Both shows are also set in New York City, play with audience expectations, and can be as dark as they are hilarious. (Find on Netflix)

#9 If You Like: Smash

You Might Like: Slings and Arrows

Why? If you’re already missing NBC’s kitschy Broadway musical, why not switch theater genres? The funny, smart, and moving Slings and Arrows takes place at a Canadian theater specializing in Shakespeare. It’s a change of pace from Broadway showtunes, yet the drama is even more deliciously complex. (Find on Netflix)

#8 If You Like: The Borgias

You Might Like: Borgia

Why? If you’re a fanatic for the scandalous Borgia family then you’re in luck. While the Showtime series is vastly superior in both performances and budget, there are pleasures to be had from watching Tom Fontana’s European production. The scandalous papal family brings the drama in just about every format. (Find on Netflix)

#7 If You Like: Scandal

You Might Like: House of Cards

Why? Like your politics with a healthy dose of backstabbing, adultery, and intrigue? Then you might just enjoy Netflix’s original TV hit House of Cards starring show-stopping turns by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. (Find on Netflix)

#6 If You Like: Awkward

You Might Like: Freaks and Geeks

Why? Want more high school awkwardness? Then check out Judd Apatow’s critical darling Freaks and Geeks, which takes high school horror and transforms it into a season of cringe-inducing but infinitely watchable action. (Find on Netflix)

#5 If You Like: Hannibal

You Might Like: Luther

Why? If you like creepy, atmospheric crime dramas like Hannibal you’ll love Luther, the BBC show starring Idris Elba. Not only is John Luther a tough, damaged investigator, he also has a killer (pun intended) sidekick in the duplicitous Alice Morgan. (Find on Netflix)

#4 If You Like: Fringe

You Might Like: The X-Files

Why? Missing out on your weekly dose of the strange and unexplained, with a side of romance? Well then visit with Mulder and Scully, who did creepy investigations and sexual tension before the Fringe team ever came on the scene. Plus at nine seasons, The X-Files is sure to keep you occupied all summer. (Find on Netflix and Hulu)

#3 If You Like:The Office

You Might Like: The Office (UK)

Why? If you’re already going through Office withdrawal, take a step back in time and see where the saga of Dunder Mifflin began by watching Ricky Gervais’ BBC original. (Find on Netflix and Hulu)

#2 If You Like: Modern Family

You Might Like: Arrested Development

Why? If you’re a fan of the documentary look and like wacky families, there’s pretty much no family crazier than the Bluths. Plus now is the perfect time to dive back into cult comedy Arrested Development as a new season goes live exclusively on Netflix and you can be ready to jump into the social media watercooler chats. (Find on Netflix and Hulu)

#1 If You Like: The Big Bang Theory

You Might Like: The IT Crowd

Why? Like nerdy humor? Want a sitcom featuring an episode about Dungeons and Dragons? Than the British import The IT Crowd, about the hilarious hijinks of a corporate IT department, just might be for you. (Find on Netflix and Hulu)

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