1. Oh man, has it really been almost a year since Jimmy and Justin did their “History of Rap” Part One? Time sure flies when you’re spending all day, every day inside the internet.

2. How do they remember all these transitions? I wonder how many times they practiced this before the show.

3. They’re so cute together, with their little dance moves! I wish Jimmy Fallon was starring opposite Justin Timberlake in No Strings Attached 2: Friends with Benefits instead of Mila. I’d totally see that.

4. I need to re-find every single Salt ‘n’ Pepa song ever written. GAWD those ladies were the best.

5. If DMX gets a sore throat, how does he know?

6. It is a testament to Timberface’s likability that we, as a nation, have communally agreed to forget that any of these *NSYNC ensembles ever happened.

7. Another “History of Rap,” and STILL no Puff Daddy/P. Diddy? No Da Brat? … Eh, I’m actually OK with that. And I was kidding about Da Brat. You guys, remember Da Brat?

8. Maybe Jimmy and Justin could make a movie together where they used to be in a white guy rap group together in the 90s, but hard knocks and the inevitable ravages of life forced them to give up on their dream before making it big. But THEN, and this is where the movie actually starts, some unbelievable coincidence or fantastical circumstance (possibly a time travel element?) gets them back together, and they must perform their old hits for the big wig record producer to save the school and win their girlfriends back and become best friends forever again! Hollywood, I can take my 10 million dollars in installments if that works better for you.

9. Remember when Jimmy Fallon first started on Late Night, and everyone (well, lots of people) thought he was not-so-good? I was one of them. I wish I could apologize to him every day. Jimmy, you are SO good at your strange and probably very stressful job!

10. Wow, that was really fun. I’m going to go watch it again now. And again. Maybe with a little of this thrown in for nostalgia’s sake. Oooh, and THIS!

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Meghan Carlson

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