Articles for Work Out Season 2

Erika Jacobson easily grabs the attention of viewers with her beauty, not to mention her voluptuous body. She has a stunning smile that could possibly melt anyone’s heart. Adventurous and full of energy, she remains true to her healthy lifestyle by ensuring both mental and physical fitness. Underneath her attractive appearance is fierce trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. Her dynamic and vibrant presence certainly makes her the crowd’s favorite. At present she stars on the reality series Work Out. Read more »
Jesse Brune proves that he isn’t all muscle. Obviously, he has a perfectly trimmed physique and has a gorgeous face, but his exquisiteness goes beyond superficial, as he is smart, charming and sophisticated. In addition, he has an innate entrepreneurial knack that enables him to succeed in his teaching organic and vegetarian specialized cooking classes at the Epicurean Professional Culinary Academy in Beverly Hills, and his own healthy meal delivery business called Jesse Delivers. His positive attitude towards work, his clients and life in general serves as an inspiration to all his fans. At present, he stars on the series Work Out. Read more »
Work Out is a reality television series on Bravo that features the state-of-the-art facilities and the attractive trainers at the Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills, California, which is owned by elite trainer Jackie Warner. Catering to Hollywood’s elite, the program attempts to capture the highs and the lows within the fitness business while giving the viewers a taste of what the healthy lifestyle is all about. Read more »