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Emmy Award winner Sarah Jessica Parker, who is most famous for her work on Sex and The City, returns to the small screen to fuel the search for one lucky artist that will be given a chance to expose his or her work to the world. The hour-long competition series, entitled Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, will feature 14 contestants competing for a solo show at a nationally recognized museum and a generous cash prize Read more »
The art world will be taking over television for once, and Bravo‘s Work of Art will be the perfect vehicle for that. Helping out is famed American art critic Jerry Saltz, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist in Criticism. With that and many credits under his belt, we‘re sure he‘d be great judging the competition.Meet the Cast of Work of ArtBut given his credentials, his decision to actually take part in a reality TV series remains shocking. He talked to Time Out Chicago about his time on the show, and explained just why he wanted to be a judge on Work of Art. Read more »
Wednesdays on Bravo will soon be offering up some eye-popping eye candy, when Work of Art: The Next Great Artist premieres. The network has always prided itself on the creative shows it has produced throughout the years, and this one might just top the list. While it could be visual arts at its finest, it‘s been made accessible to everyone thanks to reality television.Check Out BuddyTV‘s Reality TV Summer Guide Read more »
Tonight marks a big step in the art world, as it‘s merging with a reality competition looking for the next great artist. Bravo offers up an interesting new series featuring fourteen talents, showcasing their skills and pitting them against one another as they each present their own unique Work of Art.How Bravo‘s Work of Art Works ItOn the series premiere, get to know the artists who are battling it out for the prize: a solo show at the Brooklyn museum and $100,000. But they won‘t be doing it all alone for the first task. Tonight, they‘ll be stuck in pairs. Read more »
Do you love this show? I love this show. I had high hopes for it and I‘m glad it didn‘t turn out to be another Shear Genius (a real turd of a show).I love that they did self-portraits before the show, and the artists seem really likeable, too (except that rude Nao lady).The first challenge was for the artists to make a portrait of one of their other contestants. It would be weird and difficult to do a portrait of another artist (because they are all kind of weirdos). I like this show, but what is up with Sarah Jessica Parker? Sorry but . . . why is she here? (aside from the fact that she‘s the executive producer)? Read more »
An Art Idiot‘s Take on Last Night‘s Work.The judges have had their say, but who wants to hear from people who actually know something about art? NOT ME. Art should speak to the common man -- Joe Sixpack! So here is a fresh take on some of last night‘s pieces from someone with, I kid you not, NO FORMAL ART HISTORY EDUCATION. Read more »
If you‘re not watching this show, you should be! I like it, despite Sarah Jessica Parker‘s involvement. Sorry, SJP, that was mean, are we still cool? Anyway, the artists are mostly really cool people, not douchey or intentionally weird like you might expect artists to be.Miles is struggling with his OCD flaring up again, but he‘s lucky because OCD is very "in" right now. This episode will be known as "the one where Miles took all the naps."That crazy French guy Simone introduced Jon Kessler, a guy who makes awesome sculptural pieces.  This week, they had to make a sculptural piece using "found objects" (junk) and not everyone works in mixed media or in conceptual art, so it‘s a real challenge. Jon Kessler seems like a badass. Read more »
We‘ve heard what the judges had to say, and frankly, who cares. I feel that I need to remind you that I have had NO FORMAL EDUCATION in critiquing art and I‘ve got somethin‘ to say! So sit back and watch a pro give some very useful feedback on some of last night‘s pieces.Nicole - "Tomb"Oh great, they put this one in the gallery wrong. Or maybe it fell over, I don‘t know, but it‘s not supposed to be on its side like that. Also it looks dirty. I guess Nicole was pressed for time and didn‘t have time to clean it off. NO THANKS! Read more »
Work of Art has come up with another really great challenge. The artists will design cover art for famous novels (and the winning design will actually be published on the cover of that book!). As far as personality goes, the jury (my jury) is still out on Miles. Sometimes I like that guy, and sometimes he makes me . . . confused? He spent most of his time reading his novel. His attitude has to bite him in the ass at least once this season, right? Jaclyn has only seen the movie Pride and Prejudice. Sigh. I don‘t think she was even paying attention to the movie, based on her vague idea for the cover, and her retelling of the passionate love between Elizabeth and "Darby." Judith, on the other hand, just doesn‘t seem to care. I would like to see Judith go home, because she recycles her old ideas that have worked for her in the past. And last week her junk sculpture was just crazy and bad. This just might not be the competition for her. Judith‘s defense of her idea to Simone was pretty much full of sh*t. At least she‘s not creating "proud pussy and prejudiced pussy."  And if Miles thinks you‘re crazy, you are probably crazy.  Read more »
Miles, the subject of much discussion, finally got a good night‘s sleep after Judith‘s elimination. She scared us all, Miles. Simon takes them to see a gallery of Andres Serano‘s work, photography known for its shock value. Menstrual blood, a crucifix in piss, conjoined twins, plenty to make anyone squirm. They get to meet Serrano, and Erik feels like he‘s finally understood (why?). I agree with some of the artists, though, I‘m not so sure about art for the sake of being shocking. I‘m pretty sure some non-art will come out of this. And a lot of genitalia.Erik claims that "shock art" is his genre, and is working on a piece about priests molesting children. Mark is working with molestation too. Okay. Read more »
Bravo has become the expert channel for quality reality competition shows. Every one they create seems to turn to gold. The latest Bravo reality competition is called Work of Art: The Next Great Artist and it has all the components of a hit.The series will bring us fourteen extremely talented artists, competing for a solo show at the prestigious Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize of $100,000. The series will premiere on Wednesday, June 9 at 11pm. Read more »
I‘m really happy to see that Work of Art is starting to get the buzz it deserves. Also, Simon De Pury could not be cuter and is definitely the next Tim Gunn. Unfortunately, tonight‘s episode is a little sponsored and the artists will be inspired by driving an Audi and a visit to the Audi Forum. The artists don‘t look very excited about this challenge, either. Miles gets over-stimulated and takes a nap. Erik doesn‘t get Miles, but I don‘t get Erik, so it all works out.Jaclyn‘s inspiration is about, what else, men looking at her. Low self-esteem comes out in the most charming ways, doesn‘t it? She also mentions, "I feel like I have a lot to prove." We might have guessed. The development of the Miles-Nicole storyline is reaching a bit, but we need some entertainment with this lukewarm challenge.  Read more »
I saw the warning/advisory screen right off the bat in this episode and got excited knowing that tonight they‘re making large public art installations. Does this mean someone is going to make a giant penis?  Also, I was talking about this show to a friend today who had only seen one episode and wanted to know if the contestants were real artists or if they were people Bravo had just pulled off the streets. We may never know the real answer to that question, but tonight will provide us with more information.Unfortunately, tonight marks the first real team challenge, an element that I haven‘t really missed in this show. On the blue team (Jaclyn, Erik, Miles, and Peregrine), Miles steps up as a leader, and Erik steps up as the most insecure person.Nicole leads the red team, which is made up of Nicole, Mark, Ryan, and Abdi.  Read more »
Normally I would rank the artists‘ pieces, but this week there were only two and that would be boring. So instead I will rank the remaining artists themselves in terms of potential and annoyingness. #8 being the least potential and most annoying, and #1 being my pick for the artist with the most potential to win and who annoys me the least. Fabulous, let‘s do this.#8 ErikI know he‘s gone (finally!) but I just have to re-iterate how annoying I found him. And how mundane I found his artwork. Also, if you look through his portfolio, it mostly looks like cover art for those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. Yeah, BYE. Read more »
It turns out that Erik wasn‘t the only one who didn‘t like Miles. Mark and Ryan don‘t care for him either. Simon takes the artists to a museum, which is not the biggest shock in reality television.  But, surprise, it‘s a Children‘s Museum! The challenge is to create a piece exploring the experiences that shaped them into an artist using the materials available in the children‘s art room. Miles and Jaclyn less than enthusiastic about it.The lack of materials presents a challenge for everyone, and is producing some childish-looking work. It looks like Peregrine is doing well, though (finally!). Also progressing: the Miles-Nicole flirtation.  Simon is skeptical of Ryan‘s work--he may have interpreted the challenge too literally. In fact, he wasn‘t big on Abdi‘s piece either. Nicole is really into stratigraphy, isn‘t she? Read more »
Cue the dramatic music, this week is another team challenge! The artists will work in teams of two to create pieces about contrasting themes.  Jaclyn picks "Male/Female" and Mark says what we‘re all thinking, "[it‘s] perfect for Jackie, I‘m assuming she‘s gonna do something in some form of being undressed." Seriously, this is Work of Art, not Piece of Work. Know-what-I‘m-sayin?Contrast, but Collaborate!Miles is paired up with Jaclyn, despite his hope to be paired with Nicole. Abdi and Nicole will be working with "Order/Chaos," and Mark and Peregrine will work with "Heaven/Hell." The pieces will work together, but each team member gets a word. This is a great challenge, but I‘m worried for Abdi, who seems to be drowning a little bit.  Read more »
Work of Art, the little show that could, is already at its season finale.  I‘m already praying for another season, you? Tonight, someone will win a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and $100,000 (thanks Prismacolor, for sponsoring this and for showing that there is life after RoseArt).  This finale is SO Project Runway, starting with Simon De Pury (Work of Art‘s Tim Gunn) visiting the artists‘ houses to see how their work is coming along.  And then I realized that this finale, like Project Runway, is probably in two parts.Simon in your HomeFirst, Simon visits Peregrine, who has been making casts, drawing vomiting girls, and trying to photograph two dead twin fawns in a case (she describes them as "so beautiful, and so sad, and so pretty and so creepy," pretty much). Simon visits Abdi next and gives me hope that this will just be a one-part one-hour finale. Simon tells Abdi that what he sees is "not dazzling, quite frankly."  Finally, Simon visits Miles, who admits to some early sociopathic tendencies (setting deathtraps for small animals as a child). Miles took pictures of people at a White Castle, one of whom happened to be a homeless man who froze to death two days later. Some people have all the luck. Read more »
This week the Work of Artists are going out of town, to a forest. Guess what, nature is the muse! They also must use raw materials from the woods. This is an even more open challenge than the Audi challenge. Guess who doesn‘t know how to deal with it? Jaclyn, as usual. She hasn‘t figured out a way to be naked yet. But she has figured out a way to be sick and take a nap.Meanwhile, Miles is creating mustard gas, to smoke everyone out? He goes with plan B, which is not to poison everyone. The only one I‘m skeptical of thus far is Jaclyn, who DID manage to use a naked picture of herself but it wasn‘t during studio time. Unfair! Jaclyn will pout for the remainder of the day. Read more »
I wouldn‘t call the Work of Art finale "shocking" but we did see some things that were unexpected.  Here are five things that surprised me in the finale.1. Abdi‘s large statues looked great by the gallery show.  Seeing them come out of the boxes I was like, "wuh oh." The hands and parts were all breaking off, parts were still covered in casting. But Abdi turned it out and the statues were stunning. Read more »
This is the first BravOMG article, dedicated to my love of all things Bravo, and how I wish Andy Cohen was my roommate. In the future it will be more focused, but I just wanted to get you caught up on all the news floating around the Bravo universe. Rachel Zoe has Confirmed She‘s PregnantYes! There was a lot of baby drama on the most recent season of The Rachel Zoe Project, leading me to believe that it might not happen for her and Rodger. Shortly after, pictures of Rachel and a mysterious bump began cropping up, and she just confirmed on Twitter that she is, in fact, pregnant. Congratulations! Do they make faux fur for babies? Read more »
Bravo just announced their expanded programming for 2011 and I am all shook up! In addition to bringing back our old favorites, Bravo is launching several new shows this year and welcomes some new "Bravolebrities." Here‘s what‘s happening:RETURNINGThe Real Housewives of New York City, Tuesday Feb 15 at 10/9cMillion Dollar Listing, Thursday Feb 3 at 9/8cThe Real Housewives of Orange County, Sunday, March 6 at 10/9cWatch What Happens Live, Sundays and Tuesdays at 11/10c Read more »