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From the mystery books of James Patterson comes a new drama series called Women’s Murder Club, one of ABC’s newest drama series, which will be part of its 2007-2008 fall lineup.Women’s Murder Club features a group of four female experts in San Francisco, consisting of a detective, a medical examiner, a reporter and an attorney. Together, they use their expertise and skills to solve murder cases while dealing with their personal lives.Read on to find out more about the cast. Read more »
Women‘s Murder Club is a brand-new ABC police procedural starring Angie Harmon about four women in San Francisco, who pool their resources to solve crimes. One is a detective, one an assistant District Attorney, one is a medical examiner, and one is a reporter.  The series is loosely based on a series of books by the prolific author James Patterson.  There‘s not a whole lot special about Women‘s Murder Club.  It‘s not particularly highly touted, it hasn‘t received much buzz, and, quality-wise, it could go either way.  The premise is sound, and it simply depends on the execution, which is the case for most shows.  There is, however, one piece of bizarre info surrounding the show: one of its executive producers is Joe Simpson, the father of pop “singers” Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.  Read more »
Premiere Date and Time: Friday, October 12, 9pmNetwork: ABCTime Slot Competition: Moonlight, Friday Night Lights, Nashville, WWE Firday Night SmackdownCast: Angie Harmon, Aubrey Dollar, Laura Harris, Paula Newsome, Rob Benedict, Rob Estes, Tyrees Allen Read more »
When Ever Carradine and Kyle Secor last shared the screen on television, both were still series regulars on the presidential drama, Commander in Chief.  More than a year since their once-bright series was yanked off the air, the two actors will come together anew as recurring characters on ABC‘s new police drama, Women‘s Murder Club. Women‘s Murder Club, which is scheduled to debut October 1, has been dubbed as Sex and the City meets NYPD Blue, Law & Order and CSI.  The comparison is not all that surprising especially with Law & Order star, Angie Harmon, leading a pack of four attractive and intelligent women on the show. Read more »
Women‘s Murder Club, based on a line of bestselling novels from James Patterson, is slated to debut October 12 as part of ABC‘s 2007 fall offering.  As the title suggests, the upcoming series revolves around a bunch of crime-solving women.Ahead of its first day of filming, the four female leads of Women‘s Murder Club spoke about the show and what it‘s like being part of an all-female team on and off screen.  Angie Harmon, Paula Newsome, Laura Harris and Aubrey Dollar agreed to answer some questions for ABC. Read more »
Crime author James Patterson‘s best-selling novels are coming to life tonight with the series premiere of ABC‘s Women‘s Murder Club.  The show is an hour-long drama about four successful working women in San Francisco who use their expertise, close relationship and instincts to solve murder cases.  Together, they uncover clues to the city‘s most disturbing homicides. The series opens with an episode called “Welcome to the Club,” wherein Homicide Inspector Lindsay Boxer (Angie Harmon), Medical Examiner Claire Washburn (Paula Newsome) and Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt (Laura Harris), cautiously introduce crime reporter Cindy Thomas (Aubrey Dollar) into the Women‘s Murder Club. Read more »
Women‘s Murder Club, the new ABC Friday night drama from the mind of author James Patterson, debuted with impressive numbers in its series premiere, becoming the most watched show on Friday.  Even though friday is typically the worst night of television watching, Women‘s Murder Club‘s numbers would have been solid any night of the week.  With over ten million people tuned in, Women‘s Murder Club also boasted the highest numbers in the key 18-49 year old demographic.  Next Friday might be an entirely different story, with FOX‘s The Next Great American Band set to debut.  We‘ll see if Women‘s Murder Club‘s numbers are here to stay then. Read more »
Aubrey Dollar first entered the entertainment industry in 1993, but it is only now that the 27-year-old actress has gotten the opportunity to play a character her own age.  Dollar is appearing on ABC‘s new crime drama, Women‘s Murder Club, a show based on James Patterson best-selling novels about a group of women who use their expertise to solve murder cases. “It‘s the first time I‘ve gotten to play a role my own age, which is kind of nice,” Dollar, whose previous television credits include the teen dramas Dawson‘s Creek and Point Pleasant, told The News & Observer.  “It‘s really nice to have adult dialogue, to deal with a natural career and not high school.” Read more »
ABC‘s Women‘s Murder Club, inspired by James Patterson‘s best-selling crime novels, is one of the few drama series on air today that features a female-dominated cast.  Actress Angie Harmon, who appears as Lt. Lindsay Boxer in the series, said that working with female costars Paula Newsome, Aubrey Dollar and Laura Harris has been a “fantastic” experience so far."It‘s fantastic.  Also, because we are women, we have the ability to be nurturing and supportive and caring for each other…  When you take one and put it with three other ones, we all are very powerful in what we do,” Harmon told  “The four of us don‘t find a weakness and pounce on it.  You lift each other up and support each other…  We have a deep respect for each other… it‘s become a very nurturing and supportive group." Read more »
ABC‘s procedural series, Women‘s Murder Club, may be a neophyte on the boob tube, but it sure has proven murderous to its weekly competition.  Thus far, the freshman crime-solving drama has consistently drawn over 8.5 million viewers each week, delivering strong, solid numbers since debuting last October 12.The program‘s impressive numbers offers a welcome validation for one of its stars, who was initially drawn to the show primarily because it is set in San Francisco. Read more »
ABC really wants to torpedo the premiere of The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.  Following NBC‘s announcement that they were moving back The Celebrity Apprentice‘s premiere one week (from January 3 to January 10) to avoid college football and the final pre-strike episode of Grey‘s Anatomy, ABC announced today that they were moving back the final pre-strike episode of Grey‘s Anatomy to December 10 as well.  Both shows are set to air at 9pm.  Both of these announcements are accompanied by major shuffling of air dates for ABC and NBC shows.  Here‘s a look at where the final pre-strike episodes of some of ABC and NBC series will now fall.  Read more »
Viewers can look forward to three fresh episodes of Women‘s Murder Club as ABC brings the police procedural-legal drama back on the air beginning April 29.  This announcement comes as a pleasant surprise to fans considering that the show was almost canceled due to the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike.Set in San Francisco, California, Women‘s Murder Club is a show that centers on the lives of four women, consisting of a homicide detective, an assistant district attorney, a medical examiner and a newspaper reporter, who come together to use their expertise and talents in their respective fields to solve murder cases.  Despite leading different lives, they are bound together by a close friendship, which makes them more effective in uncovering clues to the city‘s most gruesome homicides.  The series stars Angie Harmon as Lindsay Boxer, Aubrey Dollar as Cindy Thomas, Laura Harris as Jill Bernhardt, and Paula Newsome as Claire Washburn. Read more »
With the writers‘ strike over, fans are more than just ecstatic to see more new episodes of the ABC hit detective show, Women‘s Murder Club.  Starring Angie Harmon as Lindsay Boxer, the series revolves around Lindsay‘s team of women who are out to get the bad guys through their collaborative efforts of varying fields.  Cindy Thomas (Aubrey Dollar) is a reporter who is sick of her mundane desk job and is ready to take on the more grueling crime cases, while Claire Washburn (Paula Newsome) is a medical examiner who gets into the details of every murder case to find a possible solution to the crime.  Jill Bernhardt is a passionate district attorney who‘s also got some personal issues she carries with her everyday, hindering her from facing her own demons, but empowering her to find the real demons on the streets of San Francisco.Tonight, the show returns with the first of three new episodes airing at 10pm. Read more »
While many networks might be in trouble next Fall due to the writers‘ strike shrinking the new pilot season, ABC is looking quite good.  It has a solid stable of returning favorites (Ugly Betty, Grey‘s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives), hit reality shows (The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars) and a solid 2007 freshman class that will return for sophomore seasons (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Samantha Who?).  This doesn‘t leave much room for new or bubble shows, so this season ABC is cleaning out its closet, dumping a lot of iffy shows while picking up a few gems from other networks. Read more »
You don‘t need to black out to know that new characters will be introduced to Flash Forward soon, since this freshman drama is still climbing up the TV ropes.  With that, let‘s introduce yet another face to the ABC series - actress Paula Newsome.Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that the star of Women‘s Murder Club has been tapped for a role in the Joseph Fiennes starrer.  Newsome will be appearing in a few episodes "in the not-so distant future," which could mean early next season.  It‘s been stated that her story arc will begin around 2010, which leaves a lot of room for assumption. Read more »