Articles for Wipeout Season 2

If you miss the sight of face smashing against red balls or asses splashing against water or the distinct commentaries, then better tune in tonight as the sophomore season of Wipeout returns on ABC.  What is touted to be as the world‘s biggest obstacle course, the ABC series scored the highest premiere rating of any show in last year‘s summer season when it debuted.On Wipeout‘s second season, new obstacles will welcome the new batch of contestants, including Hurtles, Sweeping Gyro, and a Bridge Too Far, on top of the plank in the face, wrecking ball log roll, and aqua launch.  Hosted by John Anderson (ESPN‘s SportsCenter), John Henson (Talk Soup) and Jill Wagner, Wipeout is set to launch its 16-episode second season tonight 8pm on ABC. Read more »
Wipeout returned for its sophomore season last night with high hopes after the ABC series earned the highest premiere rating of any show in last year‘s summer season.  And why wouldn‘t it? The show has a lot to offer, including a larger-than-life obstacle course and a whacky host, Jill Wagner, who is credited for roles on the television series Blade, Stargate: Atlantis, Monk and Bones. Though this is Wagner‘s second year to do Wipeout, the game show marks her first-ever hosting gig.  Read more »
The Bachelorette is over and as much as Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski would like to stay out of the limelight, sometimes the offers are just too good to resist.  After being bombarded with a series of controversies, the Bachelorette couple is now looking forward to have some fun as they participate on the ABC competitive series Wipeout."The only thing that we have both agreed to do together is to go on Wipeout on ABC. We really want to go on that because we feel like we‘ve just been through the wringer the last few weeks, so that would be a great way to lighten things up," Harris told  Read more »
Tom Sparks, a former TV host from California, died on November 5--- two weeks after competing briefly on the ABC game show Wipeout. According to his father Bill Sparks, Tom had a stroke allegedly caused by antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS), a rare condition associated with recurrent clotting events including premature stroke and heart attack. He was 33. Read more »