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Peter hugged Neal first when they saw each other for the first time in six weeks--he even said, "It‘s good to see you."That act, and that gesture, would have been unthinkable when Peter caught Neal at the start of the series. But the friendship has become so strong over the years, that Peter not only is willing to throw his career away, but he even dragged his wife and two partners into his scheme to save Neal as well. Read more »
After the daring season finale that saw Neal break his parole - at Peter‘s suggestion and permission - it was assumed that he wouldn‘t just be able to reenter the FBI fold and have his old job back. There had to be repercussions. Tonight‘s episode showed the audience what those repercussions were, but they don‘t fall on Neal--instead, Peter is the one who pays the price.  Read more »
Neal‘s been a criminal for a long time, but in tonight‘s episode, he admits it casually to Peter as he reminisces what little he knows about his father. While other season-long arcs saw Neal continue his criminal enterprises, this is the season where he plays by the rules and instead seeks to find out whether or not his father was a murderer. Even though he doesn‘t come out and say it, it is heavily hinted that Neal believes his life of crime may have begun when he learned the truth about his father.  Read more »
White Collar, Psych, Suits, Necessary Roughness, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and Burn Notice are making room for new faces in the coming days. Read on to find out who‘s appearing on your favorite USA Network shows.   Read more »
"You wouldn‘t have believed me." - Neal"You should have given me the chance." - PeterOver the last four years, the friendship between Neal and Peter has seen its ups and downs for sure, but it seemed like we were now at a point where they trusted each other implicitly. Peter, in particular, has laid his job on the line multiple times for Neal in the last year or so, because he felt that Neal had earned that trust. Read more »
While tonight‘s episode seemingly ignores the anger that Peter would have rightly felt towards Neal after what he pulled last week, and it does nearly nothing to advance the season long plotline of Neal uncovering his father‘s secrets, it was still an entertaining episode -- but had the episode focused entirely on the first ten minutes, it might have been amongst the series‘ best.In the first ten minutes, Mozzie tells a story to Neal and Peter about uncovering a storage closet that seemingly contains National Treasure-like clues pointing to a long-lost American artifact: the flag that George Washington carried across the Delaware River. Read more »
A lot of things that don‘t normally happen on White Collar happened on tonight‘s episode.Peter ropes Diana into spying on Sam (and thus Neal) ... and is completely honest and transparent about it.Mozzie, upset about Neal‘s dealings with Sam, sides with Peter and tries to convince Neal not to continue to mistrust everyone for this alliance with Sam.Peter blatantly breaks the law when he‘s in Alex‘s apartment and doesn‘t just allow Mozzie to find things "in plain view" -- he actually starts rifling through her things in a blatant Constitutional violation. Read more »
"I understand he‘s your asset." - Sam"Yeah. That‘s part of the arrangement." - PeterSomething occurred to me while watching tonight‘s episode of White Collar: Peter is Neal‘s friend, but Neal is not necessarily Peter‘s friend. Opinions may vary, but it was hard not to almost universally support Peter‘s action in tonight‘s episode -- even all season long.At the beginning of the episode, Peter and Neal make a pact to not share Ellen‘s video with anyone--not even Sam. Neal comes awfully close to breaking that deal relatively quickly and invites Sam over the next day to chat. He does not ultimately show the video to him, but a large part of the reason why he doesn‘t is likely because Elizabeth showed up with gelato. Read more »
As if the hunt for a fake FBI agent in a convention full of real FBI agents isn‘t intriguing enough for a mid-season finale episode, we also get shocking paternity test results involving major characters. Oh yes, this is what we need all right -- a little slap in the face to reawaken how we saw White Collar storylines from past seasons and see them in a whole new light. Yay!  Read more »
It‘s a good day for a trio of popular USA shows as White Collar, Covert Affairs and Royal Pains have all been renewed.  Read more »
Next summer, a new show, Graceland, is set to hit your television screens on USA Network from White Collar creator, Jeff Eastin. It‘s about a group of federal agents from the DEA, FBI, and Customs that live together in a beachfront house called, ‘Graceland‘ and collaborate together undercover. Read more »
Talk about awesome casting. Looks like we‘ll be meeting one of Bryan‘s exes this season on The New Normal, and that ex will be played by none other than White Collar‘s Matt Bomer.   Read more »
It‘s sometimes hard to keep track of when we will see our favorite shows on USA. Sometimes they are in the summer. Sometimes the winter. There could be a lot of new episodes or there could be but a few. Fortunately, we now know exactly when we will next see three USA dramas: Suits, White Collar and Necessary Roughness will all return in January 2013.  Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
White Collar Season 4 returns with all new episodes tonight at 10 pm ET on USA. In the mid-season premiere, Peter and Neal try to uncover the truth behind Neal‘s father‘s crime by going undercover into the world of counterfeit whiskey and taking on the Irish mob.Here are seven teases for tonight‘s premiere. Check back tonight for a full recap.  Read more »
How much does your father‘s life and morality impact who you are as an adult? It‘s something both Neal and Dennis Flynn Jr. struggle with in the mid-season premiere of White Collar.Neal‘s father -- known as James Bennett -- is forthcoming with answers at the very top of the premiere. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that he‘s not a murderer, but he was a dirty cop. He was caught taking money from a bust by his supervising officer who offered to look the other way if James did him some favors.Those favors involved working with the Irish mob run by a family called the Flynns. At first, the favors were simple: helping them escape police attention, taking out their competition, etc. But when James tried to leave the family, they framed him for the murder of his supervising officer, which eventually led to his family (Neal and his wife) going into witness protection. Read more »
White Collar season 4 continues on Tuesday, January 29 with an episode called "Brass Tacks." From the synopsis and preview, it looks like Neal‘s not going to be the only in danger in this one.   Read more »
"You ready to take down a giant?" - Neal"Grab your slingshot." - PeterNeal and Peter have faced a lot of villains over the last four seasons -- many of whom weren‘t afraid to kill to get what they wanted. But they‘ve never faced a U.S. senator before. Someone like that has incredible pull. For starters, he can fire whoever gets in his way.That worries Elizabeth and her fear for her husband‘s safety threatens to tear Neal and Peter apart.  Read more »
White Collar season 4 continues on Tuesday, February 5 with an episode called "Empire City," that also happens to be directed by star Tim DeKay. Check out a couple clips from the episode to find out what happens when Peter and Neal delve into the world of taxi cabs and jazz.   Read more »
White Collar season 4 continues on Tuesday, February 5 with an episode called "Empire City." The episode marks star Tim DeKay‘s second time stepping behind the camera on the series. BuddyTV was on the line when DeKay talked about what it was like to direct again, as well as what we can expect on the show the rest of this season.   Read more »
After a particularly strong episode of White Collar last week that introduced a new nemesis and new set of reasons for Neal to lie to Peter, we‘re back to the "case of the week" format involving two New York institutions: taxis and jazz clubs. (With a mix of forgery and money laundering thrown in.) It‘s a lighter episode, but it does possess one interesting quality: you‘re never quite sure who is actually the perpetrator of the crimes in "Empire City".At the start of the episode, Mozzie is working as a cab driver, but don‘t worry he didn‘t actually get a job. Instead, he‘s gathering info from people who might know where in the city the key from last week‘s episode matches the skyline. Peter is trying to find the cityscape as well, by following Neal on his tracker. Both come up empty.By this point, Neal has tried many views from various places that were important to Ellen over the years--including the view from an ex-boyfriend‘s place. And Elizabeth continues to express reservations over Peter‘s involvement in the case because of the danger involved.  Read more »
White Collar season 4 continues on Tuesday, February 19 with an episode called "Shoot the Moon." Check out a couple of preview videos to find out what happens when Peter and Elizabeth are in the wrong place at the wrong time.   Read more »
White Collar season 4 continues on Tuesday, February 26 with an episode called "The Original." With only two episodes left until the season finale, everything is gearing up towards finding the box. Check out clips from the episode below.   Read more »
While we‘re back to another case of the week for Neal and Peter, there‘s significant progress made as a new boss finally arrives for Peter and Neal‘s father returns.The episode opens with Mozzie conducting surveillance near the Empire State Building by manning an ice cream street cart. Peter comes by to share what he knows, as well as the fact that Elizabeth told him that she told Neal to leave him out of it.At the FBI office, we finally meet the new boss in the White Collar Division: Amanda Callaway, who promises to take a more "involved" approach. After her speech to the troops, Callaway introduces herself to Neal and re-introduces herself to Peter. She also puts them on a new case involving art forgery of the works of someone named DuBois.  Read more »
The White Collar season 4 finale airs on Tuesday, March 4 with an episode called "In the Wind." In the preview clips below, it looks like we‘re going to see some drama and action, but just how well are things going to go as Neal and Peter get closer to catching Pratt and clearing James‘ name?  Read more »
All season long, Neal has sought to clear his father‘s name -- but his quest winds up inadvertently taking away both father figures in his life in the season finale of White Collar that aired tonight.Since everyone knew the location of the evidence box in the Empire State Building, it became a matter of getting to it before Senator Pratt knows where it is.  Read more »