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Fans at Comic-Con really know how to make somebody feel welcome. This year‘s Comic-Con hosted the first ever White Collar panel. Nestled  between the Burn Notice panel and the Psych panel, USA‘s newest show was very well received. The White Collar panel was moderated by their very own Willie Garson (Mozzie). The cast present at the panel included Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (Peter Burke), new mom Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), Sharif Atkins (Jones), and Marsha Thomason (FBI Agent Diana Lancing). The cast was joined by executive producers Jeff Eastin and Jeff King.The panel opened with a video of the cast meeting up before heading to Comic-Con. Garson had a plan to infiltrate the Convention Center and provided clever costumes for each cast member, including a Darth Vader costume for DeKay. I have to say a part of me really wanted them to walk out on stage in costume (that did not happen). Bomer sported one of his now signature fidoras, however, which was good enough for me. The cast took playful jabs at each other, showing how close they are behind the scenes, and making sure to let the crowd in on every joke.  Read more »
Did seeing (or reading about) the White Collar panel at the 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego whet your appetite for more mystery, action, drama and criminal masterminding from the USA show? We‘re pretty sure that was all part of the plan when cast members Matthew Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (Peter Burke), Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), Sharif Atkins (Jones) and Marsha Thomason (FBI Agent Diana Lancing), along with executive producers Jeff Eastin and Jeff King, popped in for the first-ever White Collar panel, with Willie Garson (Mozzie) moderating. And as USA‘s newbie show, White Collar had great company in San Diego, sandwiched in between the Burn Notice and Psych panels. Read more »
How about some of today‘s TV news in 300 words?USA USA USAThe USA network continues its cable dominance with the renewal of 3 hit shows: White Collar, Psych, and Royal Pains. Add the 3 returning shows to the already renewed: In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Burn Notice, and you‘ve got yourself a real rival network on your hands. At this point, USA crushes in the summertime ratings. Bringing these 7 shows back means USA is looking forward to a hot summer 2011.  But if they are able to work their mojo in the fall, basic network channels need to look out. The network could soon be a major contender. USA has their tone, style, and whatever they‘re putting in the water over there on lock. They have successfully mastered their brand to the point that almost every effort is a hit. [THR]Chuck Lands Rob RiggleChuck‘s 4th season has brought with it a ton of casting news. The show cast Linda Hamilton as Chuck‘s mom, and a whole slew of actresses (Olivia Munn, Summer Glau, Stacy Keibler) to play Greta, the revolving undercover agent. Now we have news that funnyman Rob Riggle (The Daily Show) is set to guest star. Riggle will play Jim Rye, a slightly off CIA agent who is brought in to help Chuck with his spy skills. Too bad Riggle is not one of the Gretas; that would be epic! [Ausiello] Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
USA is running its "Characters Unite" campaign again this year -- a movement committed to combating intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and hate, and to promoting greater acceptance, understanding and mutual respect.    As part of the campaign, some of USA‘s actors have made PSAs about major issues like bullying, hate crimes and religious tolerance.Check out White Collar‘s Sharif Atkins sounding off on the importance of diversity, and then take the pledge to take a stand against intolerance and hate:  Read more »
The White Collar premiere is coming up fast!Last time we saw the FBI‘s white collar division, things were getting exciting. We have nefarious and mysterious individual behind Kate‘s murder. And poor Mozzie shot just when we were about to figure out what was up with the music box. Who knows what could be coming next?As if that‘s not exciting enough, BuddyTV is partnering with USA Network to give away a White Collar prize pack every fan will want to get their hands on.  Read more »
For many years, Hilarie Burton entertained television viewers as spunky cheerleader-turned-record label producer Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill. Now she‘s back making waves on the small screen as insurance company investigator Sara Ellis, a recurring character on USA Network‘s White Collar. Though it‘s not certain how long she‘ll remain on the mystery drama series, Burton, who returned Tuesday‘s episode "Burke‘s Seven," has plenty to say about what her character brings to the table and her chemistry with Neal (Matt Bomer), as well as her plans for the future. Check out Burton‘s Q-and-A from a recent conference call, which included BuddyTV‘s Carey Proctor.January 19 is the last day to enter for a White Collar Prize Pack >>  Read more »
The shows being featured at this year‘s Paley Festival have been announced, and they read like a list of my favorite obsessions. Every year the festival holds a series of panels to discuss television. This year‘s will run March 4-17.  Read more »
Willie Garson has earned quite a solid following as a character actor, thanks to his roles as Henry Coffield on NYPD Blue and as Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City. At present, he stars as Mozzie, an eccentric conman and Neal‘s most trusted confidante on USA Network‘s White Collar. Garson, whose character was unexpectedly shot in the mid-season finale, has a lot to reveal about the coming episodes, his aspirations for Mozzie and his plans for the future. Check out Garson‘s Q-and-A from a recent conference call, which included BuddyTV‘s Carey Proctor. Read more »
White Collar is welcoming a recurring character to its episodes this season. And that character is portrayed by none other than Andrew McCarthy!  Read more »
When last we saw White Collar, things were a little confusing. Supposed answers turned out to be nothing but more questions. The music box wasn‘t just a music box. The bad guy wasn‘t really the bad guy, just another victim roped into the tangled web by the real bad guy. And Mozzie got shot.Well, if you followed all of that, you‘re in good shape for tonight‘s White Collar winter premiere (Jan. 18 at 10 PM). Read more »