Articles for Wheel of Fortune Season 14

Game shows have been around since the beginning of TV. Their popularity has never really waned; just look at the success of long-running franchises like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Price is Right, and (one of my personal favorites) Supermarket Sweep. However, the prime-time network game show is an altogether different beast. The late 1990s saw an unprecedented boom in the prime-time game show, ushered in by the mega-hit Who Wants to be a Millionaire? That show was successful for a number of reasons. One, it was the largest prize that a game show has ever offered. Two, Regis Philbin, however you feel about him, is a warm presence and wonderful host, the perfect guide through an our of trivia and small talk. The success of Millionaire paved the way for programs like The Weakest Link and Greed, but ABC eventually overexposed Millionaire, leading to its doom, and the prime time game show laid dormant. That is, until late last season. Read more »
Neil Patrick Harris and the rest of the cast and crew of CBS‘ How I Met Your Mother may, like many of the season‘s shows, find themselves on hiatus due to the writers‘ guild walkout.  Nevertheless, even as the writers‘ strike continues without a hint of breakthrough in negotiations, Harris has found the time and inclination to have a bit of game show fun for a worthy cause. The How I Met Your Mother star appears next week on the long-running game show, Wheel of Fortune.  The actor‘s winnings are meant to assist Children International, which is a Kansas-based child sponsorship group. Read more »