Articles for Vanished Season 1

Christopher Egan was known as Ben Wilson on the hour-long television drama series Vanished. Apart from being noted as Mary Collins’ former boyfriend, he was also famous for his criminal record, spending four years in juvenile hall for beating up and robbing a man, 3 months for vandalism, and 8 years of drug dealing. Suspected for being involved in Sara’s disappearance, he was arrested but was bailed out of jail by Marcy’s mother. In the end, he broke into Wallace Rainer’s house and shot him three times in the heart. Read more »
Esai Morales was noted for his role as Agent Michael Tyner on the short-lived Fox drama Vanished. He was the head of the FBI’s Atlanta headquarters and served to oversee the investigation of Sara Collins. However, in the plot twist in the series’ last episode, it was revealed that he had been part of the Masonic group after Sara. Read more »