Articles for V Season 2

Imagine it‘s a Tuesday night and you‘re a fan of V, The Good Wife and Parenthood. Like any rabid TV fan, you have a DVR with the ability to record two shows at the same time. V airs at 9pm while The Good Wife and Parenthood come on at 10pm, so recording all three shows is easy, right?Wrong.  Read more »
It‘s clear that the V producers must know something we don‘t, because while we think the show is in danger of not returning for another season, they went all out with a big cliffhanger and a slew of huge revelations and dramatic deaths in the season 2 finale.Three major characters were killed off, each by someone close to them (a mother, a father and a lover). However, it was the final twist where Anna, with an assist from Ryan‘s daughter Amy, blissed the entire world that seems a little too similar to something I‘ve seen before.  Read more »
On Tuesday evening, the FOX network went for all-out decimation with regard to its "bubble" shows. Every program not certain of renewal is gone. Before the cancellation bloodbath was over, Human Target, Lie to Me, Breaking In, The Chicago Code and Traffic Light all fell off the FOX schedule.So what does this mean for the fates of bubble shows on the other networks? Read more »
The madness continues as ABC enters the ring today with cancellations and new show pick-ups for next season. We‘ve already heard plenty from NBC and FOX this week, now it‘s been revealed that ABC has canceled Brothers and Sisters, V, No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Better With You, Detroit 1-8-7 and Mr. Sunshine.But on the bright side, they also renewed Happy Endings and Body of Proof for second seasons and Shark Tank for a third season.  Read more »
Last week I wrote about Syfy‘s kickass Monday night schedule (check out previews of tonight‘s Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Alphas here!) so for today‘s quiz, I thought, why not do something about sci-fi on TV? Read more »
Laura Vandervoort has captivated TV viewers with her non-human roles, including Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) on the television series Smallville and the reptilian humanoid Lisa on V. This holiday, however, she‘s returning to the small screen to play an ambitious marketing executive "who gets more than she bargained for" on the ABC Family series Desperately Seeking Santa.Check out Vandervoort‘s recent Q & A where she talks about her new romantic comedy series, her Scrooge-like role and her other upcoming project. Read more »
Another round of casting bits, then? Tonight, we have lots, including a new mystery character on Once Upon A Time, a Buffy alum heading to Grimm, and two athletes taking a trip to Hawaii. But let‘s begin in a courthouse... Read more »
If you‘re a TV nerd heading to the San Diego Comic-Con, it doesn‘t get much better than this: Firefly will have a 10-year anniversary panel at this year‘s SDCC! Read more »