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Does the word sexpionage appeal to you? Did you like the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Will you watch anything that J.J. Abrams does? Undercovers was the first new scripted series that NBC picked up for the 2010-2011 season, perhaps reflective of its confidence in the J.J. Abrams product. The spy drama follows Steven and Samantha, whose retirement from the CIA had so far been peaceful. They have a loving a marriage and a nice business. But they seem to be looking for something more on the edge than a middling married life. A guy in a suit comes to their door and offers them to rejoin the CIA.Truly, marriage is still the world‘s most dangerous partnership. Promo after the jump: Read more »
After a midseason kickoff last season, Chuck is back on NBC‘s fall calendar, prematurely leaked by The Hollywood Reporter. Chuck returns to its old Monday 8pm slot, followed by two rookies: global-conspiracy-theory drama The Event and another action drama, this time about a team of US Marshalls who track down fugitives, Chase.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>Wednesday, meanwhile, is Law and Order night, featuring the spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles at 10, while J.J. Abrams drama Undercovers and Law & Order: SVU open the night. Mercy and Trauma, as well as former NBC flagship Heroes, are nowhere in sight, although network execs are reportedly in talks to give both Heroes and Law & Order "special event" or two-hour finale send-offs next fall. Read more »
Summer is in full swing and the TV season is drying up. While cable gems like True Blood and Burn Notice keep me sufficiently entertained, the promise of a brand-new onslaught of shows this fall has me a lot more excited. With more than 20 new shows to sample this fall, it‘s hard to figure out which ones are worth your time, but I‘ve already got my Must-Watch viewing list down to five.  Read more »
Following network neighbors ABC, Fox and The CW, NBC has released its full fall premiere schedule, and one thing‘s for sure: September 20 marks the beginning of a busy week for TV fans. Check out the full NBC premiere schedule below (new series in bold). Announcements and changes to note on the list:Mark those calendars: The NBC Thursday night comedy block returns September 23. 30 Rock has moved to 8:30pm to give new comedy Outsourced a (much-needed) Office bump. Parks and Recreation fans--you‘re out of luck, and laughs, until later this season.Law & Order: SVU has moved to 9pm on Wednesday, but new series Law & Order: Los Angeles leaves the Wednesday night two-hour L&O block still intact.Chuck will lead off the week with its usual Monday 8pm slot, with anticipated new mystery series The Event to follow, going up against the second half of ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Here is a quick rundown of some of the latest TV news.You had me at J.J.!TV fans rejoice! The man with the golden touch is in the process of pitching two new television shows. His production company, "Bad Robot", is behind great shows such as Lost, Fringe, and Alias and they are looking to build their brand. As is usually the case with Abrams, details about the two prospective shows are very few. Here is what we know:  Read more »
There are plenty of things to get excited about with the newest J.J. Abrams show, Undercovers, premiering tonight at 8pm on NBC. Other than an episode of The Office, it‘s the first time Abrams has directed a TV show since the pilot of Lost. It‘s also a fun, fast-paced action series that feels like a cross between Chuck and Alias without the serialized mystery.  Read more »
If there‘s a pattern so far this week in the ratings, it‘s that CBS is still the top dog. On Wednesday night the network had the highest-rated shows in all three hours of prime time and The Defenders became the season‘s third highest-rated new show of the season (behind Hawaii Five-0 and Mike and Molly, both also on CBS).  Read more »
Fans are falling in love with J.J Abrams new show Undercovers. To help spread the love BuddyTV is giving away five travel kits, including exclusive Undercovers luggage tags and blanket. To find out how to enter, keep reading. Read more »
Much has been said recently about the importance of the Internet when it comes to TV watching. Today‘s viewers don‘t simply tune in to a show and then forget about it until next week. Instead, many will watch the show... And then re-watch the show online... And post to a show message board... And search for spoilers... And... Read more »
Remember when you laughed so hard at Michael Scott on The Office that beer shot out of your nose? Or the time you caught yourself actually singing along during Glee? Or how about when you couldn‘t stop cringing at Dexter‘s latest slice of life? So many TV moments are too great to share with just your couch cushions. And now thanks to BuddyTV, there‘s an app for that. Starting Tuesday, Sept. 28, the BuddyTV app is available for free download in Apple‘s iTunes store, enabling you to connect with other viewers of your favorite shows, share your thoughts on new and past episodes and see what fellow fans have to say. All from the comfort of wherever -- and whenever -- you‘re watching.  Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.   I watch more TV than anyone I know, between 60 and 70 hours each week, every week. Doing the math, that amounts to roughly 3,500 hours, or nearly 40 percent of my life, spent watching TV in 2010.  Read more »
Today the NAACP announced this year‘s nominees for the Image Awards, and they feature many of the nominees you might expect. The sad truth is that there is still a lack of diversity on television, and these nominations only serve to highlight that by nominating nearly every African-American actor on TV, regardless of actual quality.  Read more »