Articles for Undercover Boss Season 1

Say, you‘re getting coffee in the pantry with your coworkers and people start talking about a nasty new company policy. Someone is very vocal about what he thinks, and even call your boss a bunch of names. Ever wonder what‘s going to happen if the boss were there to hear about it? Imagine no more. CBS will debut a new reality series which features some employees‘ worst nightmare. Undercover Boss will follow corporate executives working in disguise at low-level jobs in their own companies to find out what their employees think of them. Read more »
Ever felt scared that your boss was spying on you and had heard all the horrible things you said about him and the company? Or do you dread that your boss just might know the amount of work you‘re not doing? If you have, then welcome to your show.Each week on Undercover Boss, the boss of a major corporation works incognito as an entry-level worker in their own company to find out several things, including how it works in the rank-and-file and whether or not there are unsung heroes (or lazy bastards) among the workers. Read more »
After learning a thing or two about Waste Management in last week‘s premiere of Undercover Boss, the reality series gives viewers an exciting glimpse to the world of Hooters as CEO Coby Brooks briefly leaves his corner office for an entry-level job at his own company.   Read more »
CBS has only aired four episodes of Undercover Boss so far but the ratings are more than enough reason for the network to renew the reality series for its sophomore season. The show, which follows chief executives as they disguise themselves as rank and file employees in their own companies, is currently the number one series of the 2009-2010 season, with an average of 18.74 million viewers. Read more »