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Stephen King‘s book Under the Dome is coming to television this summer in a series of the same name. Chester‘s Mill becomes cut off from the rest of the world when a force field-type dome mysteriously appears over the town. Its residents must deal with and try to survive without any outside resources, while trying to figure out what caused the dome. Read more »
Stephen King‘s novel, Under the Dome, is being adapted and coming to your television screen on Monday, June 24 for a 13-episode run this summer. When a dome force field cuts off the small town of Chester‘s Mill, the residents are separated from the outside world and forced to survive in isolation.  Read more »
The third annual Critics‘ Choice TV Awards were held Monday night, with the Broadcast Television Journalists Association honoring everything from dramas and comedies to talk shows and reality TV. Read more »
Summer has always been a time when the major networks give up and accept that no one is watching television. Sure, every network has a big, mindless reality show (The Bachelorette, America‘s Got Talent, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance), but when it comes to scripted television, it‘s always time to switch to cable because the broadcast networks never try that hard.  Read more »
CBS Studio has announced the CW and CBS shows that will have panels at this year‘s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), including the new summer hit Under the Dome, fan-favorite Beauty and the Beast, and two new shows Intelligence and Star-Crossed . The event takes place in San Diego from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21 Read more »
Under the Dome premiered last Monday night with ratings that broke records for a new summer show and high enough to even be considered a success even during the regular television season. The series was adapted from a popular Stephen King novel of the same name, which has led to some discontent from fans of the book.  Read more »
On Under the Dome, the town of Chester‘s Mill has to deal with the death of their Sheriff and the growing troubles that come with the existence of the dome. Executive Producers Neal Baer and Brian K. Vaughn spoke with reporters about the set up of the series and the difficulties to be overcome. Plus, check out a preview of "Fire."Baer said that "so much happens in the first week," that they decided to cover a single day in each episode at least for the first 10 hours of the series. They aren‘t tied to that timeline, so it could change in the future. Read more »
Big Brother made its season 15 debut last week to start the show‘s longest season to date. Read more »
While we‘re all absorbed in summer shows like Under the Dome and America‘s Got Talent, let‘s not forget our favorites that are returning in the fall. We‘ve got a lot of new cast members coming to shows like Revolution, The Good Wife, Switched at Birth and more. Also, there‘s a new judge in town. Read more »
If you‘re attending the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con this year, look no further because we‘ve got all the television-related panels and event information for Sunday, July 21 right here. Read more »
It‘s day three Under the Dome. In "Manhunt," the town needs to find a deputy that has gone rogue. Will he be a danger to the townspeople? Or, will he just be a threat to himself? With the dome overhead and surrounding the town, it shouldn‘t be too difficult to find him since he can‘t go far. Read more »
After its momentous premiere, Big Brother generated even more buzz last week when attention focused on racist comments made by a houseguest. It also didn‘t hurt check-ins to have NSFW shenanigans show up on the show‘s live feeds. Read more »
Chester‘s Mills has been under the Dome for three days and it‘s been relatively calm. They have their first real crisis in "Outbreak" when meningitis spreads through the town. With limited medical supplies, how many people will die? Read more »
Last week, TNT‘s novel-inspired Rizzoli & Isles made its first appearance on the list of top-ten most-engaged shows on TV. Read more »
The third and final wave of nominations have been announced for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. On the TV side, ABC Family comes out on top, with Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters receiving three nominations each. Read more »
Since its eighth and final premiere, Dexter fell to eighth in BuddyTV‘s ranking of the top 10 most-engaged shows. Read more »
CBS announced today that it is renewing its hit summer series Under the Dome for a second season in 2014. As if that wasn‘t great news enough, the network also announced that author Stephen King (who penned the original novel) will be writing the premiere episode of season 2. In a statement from the network, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said, "We‘re excited to tell more stories about the mystery of the dome and the secrets in Chester‘s Mill, and are thrilled to have the master storyteller himself, Stephen King, tell the first one of next season."  Read more »
America‘s Got Talent jumped in check-ins last week, presumably in anticipation of the results show of the second quarterfinals of the eighth season. Read more »
Suits on USA replaced America‘s Got Talent in last week‘s rankings of TV shows by engagement. Read more »
With supplies running dangerously low Under the Dome, the town decides to take over the water supply in "Thicker Than Water." Are guns and bullets the answer to the supply shortage? Or, will more people die needlessly? Read more »
The season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad came in hot last week, topping the leaderboard for TV check-ins. Read more »
AMC‘s Breaking Bad commanded TV engagement stats for a second consecutive week. Read more »
With nearly identical standings from the previous week, AMC‘s Breaking Bad added to its run as the most-engaged TV show last week. Read more »
There are only two episodes left in this season of Under the Dome and I still find myself in a quandary about one character: Junior. Is he completely bonkers or, now that he‘s been revealed as The Fourth Hand, is he just misunderstood?   Read more »
After a remarkable month-long run as the most engaged TV show, AMC‘s Breaking Bad was bested by Big Brother. Read more »
The fall season got off to a great start for FOX and ABC Monday night with the premieres of Dancing with the Stars and the new drama Sleepy Hollow each scoring some very impressive ratings.  Read more »
Pretty Little Liars took a hiatus last week, causing the show to drop completely off this week‘s list of shows with the most check-ins on BuddyTV Guide. Read more »
With Big Brother winding down, it seemed like there was nothing to stop Breaking Bad at least for a few weeks. Read more »
Are you ready to spend the summer trapped in a bubble? No, I‘m not talking about Big Brother 15 (which premieres Wednesday at 8pm on CBS), but rather the network‘s other big summer series, Under the Dome.Based on a Stephen King story, Under the Dome has everything you could want in a fun summer mystery. There‘s a small town full of characters with secrets and an unexplained phenomenon (the Dome) that puts everyone in danger.  Read more »
Under the Dome made a big impact on the TV landscape last week, as its series premiere drew an impressive 13.1 million viewers, the largest summer debut in years. That wasn‘t all that was big about the episode, as it set up nearly a dozen characters, hinted at a shadowy town history and quite literally dropped a massive, inexplicable mystery on top. If you missed the premiere, then you‘ll definitely want to track it down before this week‘s episode; this hour is all about parsing the rules of what we saw last week, as well as expanding on the ugly underbelly of Chester‘s Mill that was hinted at before. For every solid fact we get, another two mysteries arise, suggesting that CBS‘s hearty ratings share will last all summer long. Read more »
As Under the Dome settles into its weekly routine, it‘s becoming very clear exactly where the show‘s ambitions lie: we have here a fun, summery mystery/thriller that would occasionally like to indulge in the odd bit of social commentary, but is far more comfortable hooking viewers in with its pulpy environment and high concept suspense. I‘m on board with that 100%, but even the summeriest of summer shows needs to be anchored by an engaging cast of characters. That‘s where tonight‘s episode -- much like the previous two -- falls short: the action keeps barreling forward, but I still don‘t have anyone in the show‘s sprawling ensemble to relate to and root for. Read more »
As the military pulls away from the dome outside, the people within Chester‘s Mill are largely hospital-bound this week. Angie nearly manages to attack her captor Junior, but only succeeds in cutting his hand. Junior checks in at the hospital, where Joe and Norrie are awaiting tests after their seizures last week. As for everyone else, they have a sudden outbreak of meningitis. Read more »
Last week, Under the Dome gave us a couple of promising setups: the dome was beginning to speak through the teenagers, and Big Jim discovered Angie locked up underground. Unfortunately, this episode fails to live up to its potential, instead just giving us another terror of the week plot filtered through some of the show‘s corniest writing yet. Read more »
I think I‘ve pretty much lost patience with Under the Dome. This week‘s episode, in which the people of Chester‘s Mill finally graduate from static grumpiness to an all-out riot, once again establishes a major threat and improbably wipes it out without a trace by the end of the hour. The characters are once again bound by insane plot conveniences rather than believable motivations, and the questions that arise from new information about the dome are still a long way from justifying all the dumb stuff that keeps happening. Read more »
If you watch only 10 minutes of Under the Dome post-premiere, make it the opening 10 of this episode: after weeks of belabored torture scenes, Junior finally gets his face smacked in by Big Jim. As a matter of fact, Dean Norris‘ snarling councilman has a pretty good night overall: while the rest of the episode gets tangled up in its weaker, soapier elements, Big Jim emerges as a pretty credible anti-hero. Read more »
Man, how great was Dean Norris this week? The subtle emotion betraying a deep inner turmoil. The slow build to a heartbreaking revelation. And that payoff -- yup, Breaking Bad sure was great, and it‘s a reminder of how much better Norris and indeed the medium of television can be than the meandering mess we have on CBS on Monday night.Is it fair to compare one of TV‘s most ambitious shows with one of its least? Probably not. But if you‘re a serious, avid TV watcher, then the fall TV season has arrived with a vengeance, and Under the Dome‘s summer laziness feels less justified than ever. We‘re all remembering what Norris can do with a good script an an assured authorial vision. We‘re engaging with stories that don‘t rely on mumbo-jumbo mystery phrases to build suspense. And while I‘m not entirely proud to open this recap with a hacky, predictable bait-and-switch, Under the Dome isn‘t the least bit ashamed to end on one. Read more »
A couple weeks ago, I suggested that the Under the Dome writers had accidentally made Big Jim the hero of their story, but even I didn‘t expect to see him become such a progressive force in Chester‘s Mill government: between his drug decriminalization efforts and his common sense gun control initiative, the guy is becoming a regular Dennis Kucinich.It‘s a relatively interesting evening under the dome this week, particularly as the show alternately explores Big Jim‘s sketchy past in illegal drug manufacturing and his present effort to reduce gun violence -- the former is a bit obvious at this point, but at least the story‘s moving now; the latter is most interesting on a meta level for its obliviously apolitical take on a hot-button issue, like an abortion-themed episode that politely acknowledges Roe vs. Wade but never engages with it. Quibbles aside, I‘ll take a plot line that‘s interesting either in spite of or because of its faults over the silly pink star monarch gobbledygook any day. Read more »
After last week‘s reveal that there was probably another seizure-suffering citizen of Chester‘s Mill who could unlock the egg dome thing, this week that fourth person is revealed to be Junior. This is pretty gross for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most disappointing thing about it is that it distracts from the episode‘s far more interesting subplot about Max‘s organized crime ring. The "darkness inside" type material is arriving messy and late, but it‘s what the show‘s been best at so far -- Junior‘s radical transformation into a chess piece of dome destiny just makes it seem like the showrunners didn‘t plan this out very well. Read more »
Well, I guess I‘d better get on board. I‘ve been railing against Under the Dome‘s arbitrary mythology and shallow characters for just about the entire season, culminating in last week‘s ultimate betrayal: Junior the Unrepentant Serial Domestic Abuser was declared Fourth Hand of the Dome God, sacrificing the last bit of pathos this show‘s earned with its audience in favor of more pointless puzzle piecing. My concerns are not the show‘s, and I‘ve got to accept that: Under the Dome has nothing to offer in terms of character or emotion, and if I‘m gonna get something out of it, I‘d better acquire a taste for pink stars and monarchs.That said, I still have some raw empathy for Angie when she explodes at Junior‘s continued fate-based advances: actress Britt Robertson deserves points for her believably frustrated performance, even if the writers seem to be more on Junior‘s side; he‘s not wrong when he says that "fate" brought them together, though I would substitute ill-considered writing choices for determinism. Either way, Angie‘s unwillingness to couple up with psycho leads to the dome getting angry once again and sending a storm. Read more »
As season 1 of Under the Dome begins to draw to a close, it‘s becoming increasingly unlikely that we‘re going to get any real answers about the dome this year. What remains to be seen, then, is whether or not this show has asked the right questions: will viewers ponder the significance of pink stars for months? Are we invested in Barbie enough to keep him on our minds through the winter? Are we even confident that this story is going anywhere? I certainly had those concerns on my mind during this week‘s episode, and I can‘t say I I found much to reassure me. Read more »
I‘m trying to think of a precise analogy for the annoyance, impatience and anger I‘ve felt while watching season 1 of Under the Dome. In many ways, it‘s like listening to someone go on and on about their dreams: it clearly means a great deal to them, but there‘s nothing there to spark my interest or empathy. In other ways, it‘s like watching a friend of a friend fall in with the wrong crowd and drop out of school: I kind of want to tell them that they‘re making bad choices and wasting their potential, but I‘m not really all that close to them. Read more »
CBS is bringing back its hit summer show Under the Dome for season 2 on June 30 and changes will be coming. New characters will appear and others will be leaving in the only way they can within the Dome. Read more »
Fringe‘s Lance Reddick is set to guest star on The Blacklist. And another Lost alum is heading to Once Upon a Time as a young Prince Leopold. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Two and a Half Men, Mistresses, The Millers, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Under the Dome and Teen Wolf. Read more »
A First Lady is stopping by for a visit on Parks and Recreation. And Law and Order: SVU is getting ready for a big episode featuring both Alec Baldwin and Katie Couric. Read on to find out all the details, including casting news for The Good Wife (which politician is making a guest appearance?), Girl Meets World, Under the Dome, Mike and Molly and The Crazy Ones. Read more »